Host at PWRNetwork and Get Your Expertise & Passion Out to a Waiting World

Host at PWRNetwork and Get Your Expertise & Passion Out to a Waiting World

Before I set up my own online talk radio station, I did several stints with other internet radio stations. From them I learned all the stuff that I wouldn’t do with my own network, and stuff I would definitely do with my own station. One of the questions I did ask was would that particular station market and promote me or did I do that myself?


In case you don’t know marketing and promotion are two different animals. Marketing means getting the word(s) out about you so people know that you exist.

Promotion means telling people about your existence and where to find you. Two methods that do completely different things but yields the necessary results to get you found and heard.

Talking a mile a minute. Having an interesting topic may work for regular radio or tv, but on internet talk radio, people tune in and tune in because they believe that the host, you, can deliver information or content to them that they haven’t heard before.

When your future radio station tells you that they will market and promote you to a wider audience, make sure you ask them their strategy. In other words how do they plan on doing that?

Marketing is how that station is going to represent you, the host, to possible advertisers, sponsors, target companies and individuals who might want to listen to you and start a relationship for you. Which means that the station should have a list of possible names of individuals and companies that might be interested in what you have to say.

For example, when a new host joined PWRNetwork, the first thing I asked her would she be interested in me connecting her with other people and companies interested in her topic. That way, she would have a broader listening base than the one she was building by doing her programs. That’s one form on marketing. Would you she be interested in interviewing people familiar with her topic and be able to add to the content that she’s already putting out? Again, the station is marketing that host to that targeted group of people who have similar content or have similar topics for discussion that might possibly help this host to further her own brand and identity.


Promotion is when you put an individual out there to the world with an explanation of who she/he is, what their topic(s) are, and what benefits the listener (audience) is going to receive from that talk show host.

I have a host who does a program around social connections. She does research into topics that other hosts don’t discuss, there’s no accessible information out on the internet yet, or the information is there, but none wants to discuss it. This host goes and finds people who are willing to discuss these topics so that the listening audience can profit from having these topics aired.

When I go and promote this host and her show I try and find people who are in similar topics or venues that would be interested in meeting her, interviewing her, having her speak to them, etc. The possibilities are endless. As an internet station, it’s my job to make connections with this host and all the other hosts to other organizations, companies, individuals that might be interested in meeting them and then deciding to do something with them.

I am called the ‘connector’ because I linked people together who otherwise wouldn’t have known these people existed. The results are truly astonishing.

If you’re a good interviewer, as a host you can find out additional information that you can forward on to the person who can benefit from knowing that connection.

For example, one of my hosts is an animal communicator. She also works with animals placed in sanctuaries that former pet owners disown or abandon. A lady I recently interviewed wrote a book about animals. I mentioned that host’s name an what her program was about. The lady asked me to forward her name and email to that host so they could hook up. And, I did.

Promotion is getting one’s name out there. This includes social media. We utilize Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Googleplus and many other social media websites to get the word out. We also use Directories, Forums, Chat Rooms, anywhere we can drop a host’s name and get her to the right people that will make her show sing and her numbers climb.

One of my hosts as I mentioned is an animal . Her show ranks #1 on all my stat pages. Her programs are mentioned, retweeted, and enjoyed. How do I know this? From the feedback and comments that are posted on my radio station’s website. Her show is popular. She is popular. How popular? 75% of all incoming traffic goes to her webpage and listens to her shows.

That’s what successful marketing and promotion can do for a talk show host. Think about it,

Then come back and listen to PWRNetwork’s programs.

Perhaps, you, too, will become a star performer on PWRNetwork’s online talk radio station.

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