Where Passion Meets Reality!

Where Passion Meets Reality!

Have you really paid attention to all the words that a future talk show host uses during one of their broadcasts?

Any Words

If there were any one words that disturb you the most, what would they be?

In my case, when I listen to future internet talk show hosts interview an individual, I start cringing at what actually comes out of the mouths of these guests. I mean, seriously?

I know that many people believe that any person can become a talk show host without doing much to improve themselves to become a good talk show host. Well, simply put, they’re wrong.

It’s Hard Work

I’m going to let you down gently, but it’s hard work becoming a good talk show host or even an interviewee. For one thing, you must know what’s coming out of your mouth before you even say it. When you say it, you must say the sentences as statements, not as a form of question…unless…of course, you’re actually asking a question.

Words NO Self-respecting talk show host should ever say.

When I listen to PBS in the early morning hours, one of things that really wake me up, wide eyed and bushy tail, is the unnecessary words that both talk hosts and interviewees use. Words like:


You Know




And, well, stuff like that. When you relly listen to these words, how do you feel when the information comes out in fits and it starts like well, you know, running into a brick wall and falling on your as or something closely akin to that.

When you’re in high school, your English teachers start editing your work. I’m telling you guys for your own good, they love seeing those extra words because it gives them a chance to use that RED pencil or RED pen allot more than usual. And, if you use these words too much, these same RED pen and pencil folk will start deducting points from your grade.

Think on that for a  minute or two.

I won’t cross out those extra words with a RED pen or RED pencil, but I will mark down in my journal not to invite you to speak publically until you’ve taken a training skills class on how to speak well.

I usually do ask my guests to practice in front of a live audience (parents, teachers, friends, relatives, mirrors) because when you get on the air to speak, other people will be following your words closely. And, you do want them to say to themselves that “you know what you’re talking about” or “you can speak the Queen’s (in this case the President’s) English. If you speak well enough, you might even be invited back a second or third time.

Word of mouth spreads more rapidly than a speeding bullet. People listening to the airwaves will hear you speak and possibly invite you to come and speak at their place (office, convention, group).

I counsel future talk show hosts to write down their phrases, key words, and thoughts on a 3 by 5 card and practice, practice, practice until they can say their speech well without adding useless words to the mix.

A well-known philosopher use to put stones inside his mouth and practice speaking that way. He got so good that his entire audience understood his words and message even though he usually stuttered his way through a discourse. I’m not suggesting that you use small pebbles inside your mouth to speak well and without extra verbiage that feels comfortable, but offers very little else in return.

Practice what you’re going to say. If you feel the need to add extra words like, you know, uhm, or and, just pause with lips compressed and allowed a brief space of silence. A good pause is more effective when speaking than saying uhm, or and, or you know. Because if we knew, we wouldn’t you to give a speech, an interview, or a discourse about it. We would already know.

There’s the rub, whether it’s nobler to say something or say nothing at all.

I believe that it’s better for talk show hosts need to do their homework before opening their mouths. I also believe that incoming interviewees also should know how to speak and get their content out to the world without sounding lazy in their speech patterns. Even the bestselling authors have this trouble. I really don’t understand how individuals hope to deliver their message or verbal content and not be upset by what comes out or doesn’t come out properly from their mouths.

Sometimes, maybe it’s better if they say nothing at all.

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