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When Does a Guest, Speaker, Author pay for an interview on Online Radio?



There are several articles on Google that go into this topic tooth and thong. Many of them state quite simply that if you pay, you’re being short-changed. Guests, speakers, authors, anyone who is appearing on that particular talk host’s show should not pay. If these hosts do charge, then their programs merely become an info-commercial for that particular radio station.

Several of these articles go on and state that self-abiding author, guest, speaker, shouldn’t pay because it lowers the quality of their performance on that show. Also, regular tv and radio shows don’t charge, therefore if you need to pay, run for the hills.

Unfortunately for those writers, times have changed. Even back in the day, 2005-2006, there were certain FM radio shows who charged for their guest’s appearance. In fact, when I did shows at the request of the interviewer, I had to pay for that interview as part of showing that I was serious about being interviewed by a well-known radio personality.

I’m not saying that all talk hosts charge their clients to pay to be heard on online radio or even regular radio, but I do know that many online and regular stations need another revenue stream to bring into their stations and get the bills paid.


Payment Plans

There are different ways to help a budding talk show host and their station make payments on their bills.

One way is to ask for a DONATION. Usually the talk show host suggests or recommends what amount will be acceptable. If the station and/or host is well known and highly recommended, most of the time the guest will pay up so they have Authority By Association.

A second way is to offer cheat sheets, transcripts, or an ebook stuffed full of information that is taken not only from the interview shows, but contains additional information that isn’t always attainable. A suitable fee is requested before the particular reward is allotted.

A three way is by subscription. A member page is created. To obtain the content within the member’s page, you pay a monthly or go-as-you need the content. That way everyone wins.


Is it ethical to get paid for information or content that most people can ferret out on their own? It depends on how desperate that person is to get hold of the content or information. If you want it immediately, like yesterday, chances are you will hand over the requested fee to obtain that information.

Should you try and coerce people into buying your services? Absolutely not. There are no same times.

Raising Money Tactics

At the moment, there are several websites that offer artists, authors, musicians, writers, podcasters, etc. ways to raise money for their shows, documents, music, ebooks, whatever that particular person wants to sell.

One of them is called Patron. Go to their website and it will explain how you can raise money for your project. Another website is called Kickstarter. That website operates on the same principle that Patron works with a certain twist. Go over to their website and see how you can set up with them.

Others simply set up a DONATIONS button from PayPal and ask for donations, although I don’t know how unsuccessful or unsuccessful that is.

Many talk hosts and online stations adopt the techniques that the National Public Radio station uses. There results are still out.

However you, the talk host wants to run your programming via your station, it’s up to you and the station manager to discuss how you’re going to fund your programming before you start.

Next time funding for online radio.

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