Question: Are the 6-Would-be Presidential Candidates using their interpersonal skills correctly or not?

You Judge?

I have this bright idea that we would look at the 6 presidential candidates and see whether they’re really mastering their interpersonal skills or is it a figment of our own nighttime imagination.

Recently, I inferred that some of the candidates don’t possess the skill to listen. As far as I can tell, they’re still not listening to what the rest of the country wants.

I know that a few of the candidates pander to a set choice of audience that doesn’t seem to signify anything but themselves. We’re not talking about that.

The first skill that most people in the business world (political as well) must be their verbal skills. When I look at all of these candidates, the first thing I see is allot of hand waving. The hands going up (in a Nazi salute), hands held at half mast, hands shaking, hands and arms extended to include a wide sweep of America? (is that it?). I’m really not sure why their arms and hands are in the verbal fray at all.

I was taught (a long time ago) that one should keep their hands and arms in their lap, by their side, folded neatly together, anything else was forbidden.

You couldn’t tell that by today’s politicos. In fact, I’m pretty sure that if one of the go-betweens at these political debates, on television or at a community forum that these folk would have a hard time just using their voice, voice language, and verbal skills to hold an audience.

Shall we do a test case? And, ask Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Hilary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Rubio, to keep their hands and arms to themselves and just pontificate? It would be quite interesting.

Now, when these folk are using their verbal skills, what do you spot they are doing with their voices. Is it their pitch? Intensity? Strident? Thick? Brogue? Insistence? Fear? Hate? Bewitching?

Voice does play a part in communicating a person’s desires, inhibitions, hate, fear, love, manipulation, to the audience. The audience’s ears are tuned to hear what they want to hear.

Is that right?

Let’s take a look.

Donald Trump – verbal communication skills. How would you rate it?

Bernie Sanders – verbal communication skills. How would you rate it?

Ted Cruz – verbal communication skills. How would you rate it?

Hilary Clinton – verbal communication skills. How would you rate it?

Rubio – verbal communication skills. How would you rate it?

Let me know.

What do you hear from these candidates when they use their verbal skills. Are they mastering the first basic law of interpersonal skills? Are they telling you what you want to hear, know what you want and they are merely confirming it or are they suggesting something else to you that one should be wary of?

There’s allot talk about Hitler and his rise to power?

Is there any difference with the any candidates? Is there a rise to power through the power of the voice – through the power of verbal communication?





Let me know!

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