Betsy and Matt

This is a weekly Interview I do with Betsy Wurzel and what happens to the caregiver on a daily bases to help a loved one with diagnosis of Alzheimer ‘s. Their are many caregivers helping their loved ones through an Illness but for the Caregivers and Alzheimer is just a little different. There is no cure for Alzheimer Disease so the ending is inevitable. So with this Betsy talks about the stages of Alzheimer and how her role is on 24 hours a day. Sometimes very little sleep, anxiety and watching their loved one’s time slowly die.

At this stage for Matt has lost many of his skills. eating, dressing, showers, brushing his teeth all that we take for granted. Betsy has to now handled all these skills for the man she deeply loves. It is very painful to watch this happening and knowing that Matt is fading away.

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