We’re going on a little journey these next three months. It’s called “Know Thyself.”

We’re not taking a car, boat, train, subway, airplane, bus, ferry, not even a walk-about. It’s a journey through time and space and your mind.

We’re going to do allot of thinking-what’s called introspection.

We’re going to be asked allot of questions, and hopefully we can answer some of these questions if not all of them by the time the three months are up. This journey is to liberate ourselves from ourselves. Because we are the only ones who can stop our own individual growth from going forward.

We are in control of our choices whether good, bad, or indifferent.

We are the ones who need to see who we are today, not yesterday or even when we were a small child. It’s not that kind of journey. We are not trying to repair our past. We are trying to repair our present so that we can move forward into the future. To accomplish what we’re suppose to do today, tomorrow, and the future without allowing any kind of stoppage (blocked or otherwise) from preventing us from using our talents that we were given (bestowed with).

Not everyone has the same gifts. Not everyone has the same talents. Don’t look at your spouse, children, siblings, relatives, peers and wish upon a star and have their talents. Because their talents are uniquely their own. They will never become yours. Talent is assigned given to that specific person to carry out upon discovery about what to do with it and about it.

Be generous with your talent. Don’t hide it under a hat or stone. Don’t misuse it or forget it or stop using it because you want to fit it. Fitting in has its awards and sacrifices. Choices are part of that question on whether you really want to pay the price of fitting  in or even want to fit in.

Be careful what you wish for.

The individual who’s making this journey possible is Kate Walsh.

You can find Kate at

Give her a call via email and see how you can start your own unique journey.

Until Monday, when I take my first baby steps.

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