Do you have a book inside that hasn’t found its way to print yet? Everyone knows that J.K. Rowling received 33 rejections before her first book in the Harry Potter series was finally picked up. Guess what? You don’t have to worry about that kind of negativity, not with CaZ and BizCardBooks, because they do everything for you. Except writing the content that’s your responsibility. But even there you’re not doing it alone. Nope! Nada! Zip! Zero. They have a system where you, the author, are helped every step of the way.

How’s it work? You know how speakers have a book for sale in the back of the room? That’s what you get. A book and the credibility that comes with it. You write the book, they help you make it laser focused about your business and mission. It’s like a business card on steroids because you don’t have to cram everything onto a 2 x 2 inch piece of cardstock. You get to say what’s really on your mind about your business.

And it’s a real book, 120 plus pages, with a spine, and full-color cover, and your picture on it!

You don’t have to wait years. These books can be completed in as little as 60 days! For those who celebrate, your book is a great gift for the holidays! After all, Halloween candy is already showing up in the stores to remind us to shop, so we’d best be thinking about that.   

If you have yet to author a book, you’re missing a powerful marketing tool that impacts your bottom line. There’s a reason that the word Author is inside of the word Authority! It’s true that being a published author opens doors of opportunity. Of course, we have to grab hold of the opportunity to make it real.

So there’s a webinar that has tips about writing and publishing and gives the full story on how to author a high-quality Biz Card Book. And be sure to ask about the bonus I’ve added to their package.


CaZ (she pronounces it KayZee) is the Writer Success Coach. She was a writer who dreamed of becoming an author and found the process life changing. What changed? She did. She left the safety of trading hours for dollars and took up a career as a technical writer and diva just in time to be part of the revolutionary changes print on demand brought to publishing. Two of her books, Purpose Powered People and Purpose to Author-ity, share aspects of her journey and explain how others can find and follow their own story and passion to become a published author.

She lives at the beach on an island in North Carolina where she swims and dances the Carolina Shag. She enjoys living her dream to be a successful author and now supports other writers in finding their own success. Reach CaZ at or at

Barbara Kilikevich is the author of A Mindful Christmas, How to Create a Meaningful, Peaceful Holiday that she self-published. Learning the publishing process through lots of costly mistakes, Barbara wants to save others from making costly mistakes themselves. Passionate about helping others bring their message to the world, Barbara became a Certified Author’s Assistant in June 2016. Barbara also became a Certified Peace Ambassador through the Shift Network in 2013. Reach Barbara at  

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