Caregivers and Alzheimers

Jeanne White

Jeanne White

11.15.18 Betsey Wurzel Advocate for Caregivers. This week Betsy talks again about the Holidays and how make it meaningful for the your loved one

11.8.18 Betsy Wurzel Advocate for Caregivers: This week Betsy talks about November is National Family Caregivers Month

11.7.18 Interview with Colleen Dawn Sellers Story on being a Caregiver for her Mother “Colleen Donna”

11.1.18 Betsey Wurzel discussion today is on Celebrating Wedding Anniversary

10.25.18 Betsy Wurzel discuss the daily skills she has to help her husband Matt with.

10.19.18 Betzy Wurzel Weekly Interview Oct 19, 2018

10.12.18 Betzy Wurzel Weekly Interview Oct 11, 2018

9.26.18 Betsy Wurzel Weekly Show on information and suggestions for Caregivers

9.25.18 Interview with Susan Fernandez Caregiver for her Mother

9.20.18 Interview with Ralph Lake Caregiver for his Sister Barbara

9.19.18 Weekly show with Betsy Wurzel on helping the caregivers to take care of themselves.

9.18.18.Interview with Christina Turner Caregiver For her Mother, Husband and Uncle

9.13.18 Betsy Wurzel Advocate for Caregivers- The show today is on Guilt that caregivers have

9.6.18 Interview with Helen Jenson, Caregiver for her husband Jim who has Lewy Body Dementia

9.5.18 Betsey Wurzel Advocate for Caregivers Weekly Show: Today discussion on September Alzheimer’s Awareness Month and how to make change

9.4.18 Interview with Diane Bizzarri Caregiver for her Husband Jim

9.1.18 Interview with Heather Oglesby – Caregiver for mom Pat

8.28.18 Betsy Wurzel Advocate for Caregivers- Today’s Tips on how Alzheimer’s affects Children in their family

8.27.18 Interview with Marcia Burr- Caregiver for her spouse Gaydona

8.22.18 Interview with Caregiver Advocate Betsy Wurzel – Keeping your loved one Safe

8.22.18 Interview with Jeff Ginther as the solo caretaker for his wife Becky

8.16.18 Holiday Information for Caregiver and Alzheimer Patient
with Betsy Wurzel

8.15.18 Interview with Jeff Borghoff on Living with Alzheimer’s

7.26.18 Interview with Janice Swink a Dementia Warrior
This interview with Janice talking about the diagnosis and treatment as a Dementia Patient on a day to day basis.

7.25.18 Interview with Cassidy Bastien Certified Nurse Assistant

7.24.18 Interview with Tina Williams
This is Tina’s Story on being a caregiver for her Husband JC

6.20.18 Interview with Deborah Buttridge
This is Deborah’s Story on being a caregiver for her husband Jim

6.19.18 Interview with Dave Hirschman
This is Dave’s Story for being a Caregiver for his wife Christy.

6.18.18 Jeanne Interviews Betsy Wurzel Caregiver and Advocate for families with Alzheimer’s
This is Betsy Wurzel Story on being a caregiver for husband Matt