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Excuse Me? Social Awareness?

After a short think on this one, I can honestly say that none of the presidential candidates are thinking about social awareness. Because if they truly were they would know immediately that this country is divided into many segments. And, each of these segments are not cooperating with the other segments at all.

Each one of these segments has their own agenda. Not only their own agenda, but each cultural and social class has their own ‘take’ on what the presidential candidates are offering them.

“Make America Great!” I would like to ask one question. For whom? What part of the USA will this particular candidate make great and for what purpose? He’s a billionaire. Okay, all the billionaires in the US raise their hands. Hmm, I can count them on one hand – or maybe two.

Let’s see. I’ll integrate religion with government. I’ll take the feminist movement back 350 years. Excuse me? Why did we fight the Revolutionary War? Something about church and state and all those bloody conflicts abroad? Barefoot and pregnant? Really?

Socialize everything? Well, not quite. I’m going to do A, B, C, and get Congress and the Senate approve of everything, and we’ll run the country my way? Seriously? Tell me, how well did they go for the previous president? Just sayin….

Hmm, we’re going to take the bull by the horns and clean up Washington, D. C. Does this include term limits? Gun loybbyists? Are you cleaning up the environment as well? What about climate warming and its effect on the poorer countries of this world.

Right. Okay. I just wanted to clear the air a bit.

Frankly, I’m a bit confused. Cause if none of these folk are addressing the black and white social awareness that’s out there, how are they going to address the “hidden” agenda ones.

See what I mean? How will they address the social awareness of Congress? the Senate? the Lobbyists? Big Business? Wall Street? College Kids? Parents? Millennials? Baby Boomers? Generation Z? the Homeless? the Elderly? the Poor? Welfare? Veterans?

Gee, did I miss anyone?


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