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When I look at all four of the presidential candidates, I try and look to see if they need to improve or correct their interpersonal skills. And you know what? I’m having trouble seeing any of them master their interpersonal skills. Their skills seem all over the board. In fact, they range from the sublime to the ridiculous. Why is that?

It isn’t that they don’t know about inner skills. I believe that they choose not to use them on a consistent basis. One of the skills that I see lacking in all of them is problem solving.

Now problem solving is an useful skill to possess, acquire, and keep around. And, yet, problem solving isn’t right up there for any one of them. Take Mr. Trump, I’m yet to hear him solve any problem. In fact, only today, the Mexican government rejected Mr. Trump’s offer to pay for half that infamous Trojan wall he’s been ejecting about. Something about unfriendly relations with Mexico and that’s no way to treat a fellow country. Mr. Cruz seems to be of the same mind. I just hope that Canada doesn’t get infected with that wall idea because frankly America wouldn’t be able to afford it.

Now, on the other side of the coin, we have Mr. Sanders who’s proposing social capitalism. It’s nice for him to accept all that money from the college and university kids, but we know those same kids are funded by their parents. So, Mr. Sanders is really collecting small amounts of money from these kids allowance from their parents. I’m not sure how that solves any problem that America may have. The jury is still out there.

As for Ms. Clinton, she does seem to solve some problems, but then she also created a lot more problems in other areas from previous job positions, speaking engagements, and donations from wealthy clients. If I understand this right, she creates as many problems as she’s solving at the same time. Which is quite a trick.

So, in retrospect, I don’t really see any of these candidates solving any particular problems. In fact, they seem to be creating more problems than solving them. Between dividing the nation into separate isolationist groups, squeezing the economy and telling us what we already know, not having a proper attitude toward the problems that do exist: child hunger, drugs, guns, homelessness, the veterans, religious zealots having the right to deny service to their fellow countrymen/women, bad infrastructure, nuclear power, yes the list is endless.

What I want to know is if they can’t master their own personal interpersonal skills, how the hell are they going to master their interpersonal skills in regards to this country?

I realize that they won’t address any of these questions now or in the foreseeable future, but as my teen kid use to say: “I just saying ….. .

So I am just saying …..

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