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A show of hands here.

Does anyone believe that the presidential candidates are really listening to what their constituents are telling them?

Listening plays an active role in mastering your interpersonal skills. Yet, I don’t know if any of the candidates are really listening to what anyone is saying.

I know. Bernie Sanders listens to the college crowd, but the college crowd isn’t funding him. Their parents are.

I know. The minorities are listening to Hilary Clinton, but what exactly is she saying and what is she promising them? Is it the same for everyone or is it different?

I known. The middle class whites are listening to Donald Trump while the rest of diverse America listens in horror to what he’s not saying. Scary thought.

I know. The rest of America who are moderate is listening to Kinesch , but what exactly are his words that might get across to the few and the far between who are listening.

The Republicans are not listening to President Obama.
They’re holding him hostage while they throw their political temper tantrums. And the rest of America has to hear what they’re saying whether we want to or not.

The Democrats, well, they’re always talking about something, but I don’t know if I want to listen to them or not. What they have to say is nothing that really concerns me.

So everyone is talking and no one is listening. That’s what I don’t hear. I give everyone a big fat 0 because none of them are telling us anything different that’s been going on for the past 8 years.

It’s like I’m still waiting for this bunch to master their interpersonal skills so they say something worth hearing, but I won’t hold my breath.

And, neither will you.

Unfortunate for all of us.

And for America the Great!

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