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Are You Empty-Headed?

The other night I watched a detective program where the detective was trying to play golf. He couldn’t hit the ball very far although he practiced his swing diligently.

His wife joined him and his friend one morning. She picked up the club and swung. The golf ball soared across the green and landed not to far from the hall. When asked how she accomplished the feat, she answered: “I cleared my head.”

The detective’s friend asked, “You mean you swung the club with no thoughts in your mind?”

“Yes, empty-headed. That’s all I do it.”

Her husband stared incredulously at her. “How can you not have something in your head? How can you not think about something? That’s impossible.”

Hence his golf swing never improved. The detective ended up by pitching his golf clubs into the golf pond.

Moral of the story: Is it better to go around empty-headed through life or should you keep your little grey cells thriving?

Is this a trick question?

Heavens no, but I sometimes wonder if the people who have less on their minds are better able to accomplish a particular goal because their brain isn’t filled with expectations or purpose, but rather doggedly follow what their heart dictates.

So, tell me what do you think? Is better to be empty-headed much of your life or when the occasion calls for it?

Or is it better to have a head full of expectations, hope, and purpose so that your life is a long list of accomplishments and goals.

Let me know. Like this blog and leave a comment.

Until next time, my friends!

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