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Interview with Holistic Health Coach and Author, Katherine Egan”
Katherine is on a mission to spread hope in her new book, Genetics Isn’t Everything – How to makes your G-E-N-E-S fit you.

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The NFL’s Cleveland Browns are now 0-11. They’ve officially earned the first pick in next year’s draft and can only say the best thing about this season is that it’s almost over.
Jimmy Haslam has to hire a big name coach and give him nothing short of full management control-that’s the only way this franchise is going to turn around. he can’t be trusted to make the right calls, nor can a new GM.
THe Browns have to put finding a quarterback on the back Burner. That may sound counterproductive, but their attempts at finding the next Bernie Kosar have failed…far too many times to count.
Draft a big name running back and give him an offensive line. Focus on eating up the clock and minimizing mistakes.
That’s the only way Cleveland will have a relevant NFL franchise again.

Have you ever found yourself falling down the Spiritual rabbit hole, but don’t know why?

Either did Alice when she found herself at the bottom of the world and entering Wonderland.

Lewis Carroll wrote Alice in Wonderland as a political satire to wake up his country from their doldrums.

In a Spiritual Wonderland, it’s not about politics, but the soul or spiritualism of a person or group of people.

When I drove to a therapy appointment, I looked up into the sky and noticed two large birds circling in the sky. Minutes later, more birds joined them. My husband said: “Two birds might be hawks, but a group of birds are vultures.”

When you fall down that rabbit hole, are you met by two soul-minded people or vultures on the prowl for meat?

Going down that rabbit hole isn’t a bad thing unless you don’t understand why you fell down that hole in the first place. Many people don’t recognize within themselves the power they exert over other people while others seize the day and can use that power for positive or negative reasons.

Which kind of person are you? The kind that seizes power for power sake or the good of the people.

When you fall down that hole do you keep close this negative or positive power with you? Do you use it for the common good or for the common bad?

Everyone has a bad hair day.

Everyone falls down a spiritual rabbit hole from time to time. Perhaps, it’s a warning that we’re on the wrong path and we should start changing our ways. Perhaps, it’s bad footing on our part. Instead of twisting our ankles or breaking a leg, we allow ourselves to fall flat on our faces to remind ourselves that we are just like everyone else with all of our foibles and complications.

Life is what we as humans make of it.

And, yet, we’re still animals descended from the great apes. Perhaps, best of all, when we do fall down that spiritual rabbit hole, it’s our ancestors way of reminding us that we are but a speck in the sky and that although we have reached for the stars, we’re still earth-bound.

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The Houston Astros’ victory gave the city of Houston hope and a much needed distraction-and if that’s all pro sports can provide, so be it. That’s good enough.

We all saw the destruction and donated money to help relief efforts. THis was a time to see the best of humanity- and of what sports can offer. That town won’t be truly Healed because of a World Series Title; no one’s dumb enough to believe that.

But, it was perfectly timed victories for a historically bad franchise that gave Houstonians something to celebrate.That’s got to mean something.

That’s all we need sports for, especially nowadays. You know what, though? That’s good enough.

Lillian Interviews Sandra Butler,

“It Never Ends” Mothering Middle-aged Daughters on November 14, 2017.

Women speak openly about the heartaches and satisfactions of mothering midlife daughters, revealing the difficult issues that arise, the ongoing effects of the past on the present, and the varied and often invisible ways in which they continue mothering. some struggle with sorrow and guilt about what is missing from their relationships, while others accept the inevitable limitations, forgive themselves and their daughters for mistakes made, and grow to a deeper appreciation of the love that exists.

Alzheimer’s Blues

Alzheimer’s Blues

You’ve got your first diagnosis from a specialist–a neurologist, but he/she said things that perhaps shouldn’t have been said. What to do?

Got another opinion. Maybe two extra might soothe your wounded spirit, maybe more. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do. After all, this is your beloved someone that was diagnosed.

You don’t have to sit there and take it like a man, with a stiff upper lip, suck it up, deal with it and then get over it.

There’s salvation in them hills. And, now you know that there’s life after your loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Been There. Done That.

Despite what you’ve been told, or have read, or seen on the idiot box (slang for television), there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. You’re the one who turned it on. It will keep burning brightly until you’ve turned it off.

First thing, Don’t Panic!

Everyone has a first reaction to those dreaded words that doctors and specialists sling around: Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Diabetes, Anorexia, Dementia. The medical world is full of these buzz words. However, the biggie here is don’t let it scare you to such a degree that you can’t get past it.

Cause it doesn’t solve anything, except the release of tension and anxiety.

First Things First

What’s the order of getting things done? It depends for each one of us. The first words out of the specialist’s mouth was: “There’s a good assisted living facility right behind this hospital. Got and check it out.”

Which we did. We spent the whole day there. Right after I called my son and told him in a panic-stricken voice: “Your father has second stage Alzheimer’s.”

Was that a relief? No way Jose, but it sounded dramatic enough to catch his attention. Which it did. He told me to start breathing-long steady breaths and to calm down.

We went to the facility right behind the hospital and was under impressed. Remember, this is one of the Cadillacs of the assisted living world. We toured the facility, but I didn’t get a warm fuzzy feeling about the place.

Warm Fuzzy Feeling

Funny you should ask. We were told by a salesman that if we didn’t get a warm fuzzy feeling about the facility we’re looking at, it probably wasn’t the place for us.

How many did we visit? Not many. Let’s see. We saw five places. Out of the five, we dissed two. One had an improperly dressed sales person. If the sales person looks unkempt and they’re representing that facility, what does the facility really look underneath all that sales pitch?

The second place didn’t grab us, and it should have, but it didn’t. Don’t get me wrong. It’s the Lexus of the bunch of facilities that we saw. Everything included especially the microwave oven, but we didn’t get that quilt feeling upon first, second, or even a third inspection.

One did call my spouse who told me, “this is the place!”

And after all, we were doing all of this touring and visiting these places because our life took a sudden turn at the cleft of the road. My spouse had to be comfortable not only with the living arrangements, but with the activity arrangements and the atmosphere of the place.

Many Decisions

When you visit a facility, be aware there are many different floor plans. Yes, you can downsize or buy an apartment, villa, cottage, house, loft, whatever you want to house your furniture in.

To us, kitchen space is important. We wanted a larger kitchen than one that was the width of the dish washer’s door when it opened downward, about 12 inches between counters with the sink at the end of the narrow passageway.

Room size is important as well as how many rooms do you need. Some people do downsize. Others cram in as much furniture, pictures, and other stuff that they can.

Yes, these facilities provide storage lockers. Yes, these storage lockers are inside and outside.

Depending on the facility, the amenities are numerous. Most provide the standard equipment one finds in a house or apartment: microwave, oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, cabinet space, closets, and a balcony or patio.

Some provide the unit with a stacked washer and dryer with larger washer and dryers stored in other rooms for heavier laundry loads like towels and sheets.

Make sure you bring a list of questions with you.

We fell down on that one. Go google a list of what to ask for independent and assisted living. Allot of the questions are the same for both types of living, while there are some differences.

Make sure you speak to a lawyer and a CPA for various purposes: taxes, deductions (medical if still applicable), living wills, long-term care insurance, life insurance, Medicare and supplemental insurance. Find out what you personally need to know about Estate Planning.

This is a PAYING enterprise you’re becoming involved with. Many facilities will ask for an Entrance Fee, Monthly Fee (find out what that covers), Meals (some come with restaurants with 3 meals a day for assisted living patients.)

There’s a lot of important stuff that one must know before signing any contract. Make sure you understand what you’re signing.

This is Part 1 of additional parts to come.

Fasten your shoulder belt, it’s going to get bumpier!

Until next time… .


This is Dan Riley for Sportstalk on Powertalk Internet Radio.

Once again, the real world has interrupted any hope of the distractions athletics provide.

More importantly, we’ve fed our paranoia and fears of being killed.

The demented sadist who shot up a church in Texas is a stark reminder the Congress in the United States is clueless as to how to stop mass killings. The Democrats kid us that censorship is the answer, the Republicans refuse to provide any.

My suggestion we should require Psychological testing for those who want to buy a gun has been made known on this program; it sure could keep the wrong guy from becoming arned and dangerous. But no, Congress won’t take that path.

Sadly, society is more than justified of having to sit through Oliver Stones NATURAL BRON KILLERS, a satire of our obsession with guns and murder. No doubt, fantasy is becoming reality, and it’s not accurate enough to say its merely unacceptable.

Enough is Enough!

Are you the Spiritual Caretaker of yourself

or do you leave it to someone else?

Curious that I asked?

There’s a reason that I do. When a person becomes diagnosed with an illness like Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Diabetes, or Rheumatoid Arthritis, the first question one is asked is “who is going to be the primary caretaker for this person?”

I realize that many people don’t ever ask themselves this very important question, but I’m asking it because I wonder just how many people are spiritually prepared to take care of themselves, let a one additional people.

Recently, my husband was diagnosed with mid-level Alzheimer’s. It wasn’t a total shocker because both his mother and her sister died from Alzheimer’s. It was a question of when the disease would take over.

We’re waiting for a MRI to clarify the situation and let us know at what stage he really is in and what type of care taking my husband will need.

We know that his spirituality is taken care of. That’s one thing we don’t have to worry about or decide how to handle, although depending on the speed of Alzheimer’s I might have to become his care taker.

How does one become a care taker for someone’s else spirituality?

To begin, you treat that person with the same amount of respect and dignity that you formerly did. He or she is the same person. Their personality has changed because their brain is under attack so they will act differently on the outside.

In the inside, they will remain the same because their goodness, their gentleness, their compassion and understanding remains the same. It doesn’t go anywhere. It doesn’t evaporate into thin air. Their spirituality is still there.

Their caretaker however must reach out and inside this person and treat them with the same compassion and gentleness that one always uses when dealing with a person’s spirituality. That need, that understanding doesn’t go away or dissolve.

It’s right there in front of you, only you must dig deeper to find it and encourage that person to keep digging as well.

Spirituality is part of that person whether they’ve got Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, or Cancer. The inner space that their soul is housed is never lost. It’s still there. It still maintains its residence. Only the people have changed.

It’s the job of the care taker to make sure that their beloved never loses that spark or light that dwells within them. All is not darkness.  Even when they stop recognizing you, their home, or lack of interest in the world around them, their spirituality still exists and must be nurtured as best as possible.

My husband’s mother had Alzheimer’s. It didn’t prevent his Dad from visiting his wife every day of the week and remain at the nursing home 10 hours a day. Within two months of her death, her husband followed.

I would like to believe that even though she lost her identity and her body to Alzheimer’s she still housed her spirituality and that kept her alive from within.

When her husband died, they reunited spiritually and continued their journey together.

That’s what I believe. I like to believe the same thing will eventually happen with my husband and myself. Although I love him dearly, I don’t intend to follow after him. He knows that. I also  know that men deteriorate faster than women. Even though that may happen, his spiritual health is important for me to keep nurturing so that he may live a quality life, inner and outer, until he passes.

Until next time…