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The reboots of Television and film reboots is a troubling sign for Millennial and the entertainment industry. matter of facts, I can’t help but feel its a money grab aimed at a generation with a very uncertain future. It’s disgusting.
All this does is hamper Millennial ability to move on to adulthood….and does the same to creativity among Hollywood writers, Is the TV industry this lacking in creativity now? If so, writers need to look for a career change.
You can’t go back to the past; all these reboots do is ruin my generation’s ability to move on into adulthood.

Don’t let anyone tell you that moving from Point A to Point B is easy. It’s not. I’m here to tell you of our mis-adventures.

While moving may be a great adventure for 20-somethings or even young 18’s, in today’s world moving is a nightmare. In the old days, you rented a pick-up, bought a case of beer, and then invited your men friends to come over and help you move. While that seems antiquated and simple, it worked for the vast majority of us who possess very little and moving wasn’t such a strenuous activity.

However, today things are quite a bit different. How? To start out, just coin Nancy Reagan’s phrase: “Just say NO!” What are you saying no to? All the stuff your grandparents and your parents are gifting you because they no longer want to buy a house or rent an apartment that will hold all their stuff. They want to pass it down to you.

Just say No!

Just remember that your antiques may be holding you back. Just remember that instead of buying a medium-sized house, you might have to buy a house or rent an apartment way too large for you because you have no way of housing your precious possessions that your parents bestowed on you. Just remember that storage lockers cost $ and that it needs to be paid monthly. If you don’t want this headache, just say no and sell the damn thing. You might actually come out of the deal a good deal richer than when you inherited that item from your relatives.

I know it sounds hard hearted, but trust me, you’ll thank me for giving you that piece of advice.

No one wants to haul garbage/baggage around with you. If you have trouble picturing this image, let me suggest you watch Charles Dickens, “A Christmas Story” with Scrooge seeing Marley dragging a huge heavy chain behind him with lots of heavy baggage attached to that chain. It held him back. It held him down. It kept him from being light hearted and fancy free. In short, if you don’t want to become another Marley, don’t forge that chain link by link. Cut yourself slack. Don’t accept grandpa’s fishing rod and gear. Don’t take your grandmother’s writing desk with you. Let someone else treasure it. Remember, it’s one thing less that you have to move and dust!


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According to, Vince McMahon, the head of WWE wrestling, is indeed bringing back the XFL in 2020.
We all know the weaknesses the original league had as far as its business model: a connection with pro wrestling that hurt its image, low quality of play, and terrible gimmicks.
Honestly, I have no clue how McMahon thinks this scenario will play out any differently 17 years later: the league will be stuck with the same old problems. McMahon doesn’t understand that, and he’s headed for his biggest fall yet.
No one, especially Jim McMahon, understands “try, try again” doesn’t apply to competing with the National Football League.
Mr. McMahon, save yourself the public embarrassment and give up on this harebrained idea now-there’s a reason it failed the first time!

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In 2 weeks, the patriots will play in what feels like their 100th Super Bowl-and its a sign competitive balance is a Problem. Point blank, the Patriots have become the New York Yankees of the NFL-and its irrelevant if Patriots fans hate the comparison.

We live in an age where “Any Given Sunday” is just a mantra giving false hope to teams like Cleveland. That’s nothing anyone should be celebrating. Period.

Constantly blaming the Press for the Pats’ image is nothing more of a paranoid cop-out cop-outfrom the teams’ fan-base. And it’s not about being a “hater”. In the ’40s, a pro football league collapsed because one team got too dominant.

The NFL is just becoming pro football’s answer to Major League Baseball-and that’s nothing to party about.