Tip #28

When you start writing your book, that’s the time to start promoting your book.

You should make a list of all ways you can promote your book and make a Calendar

list of when you should do it. Make a list of all the places where you can submit your

book for review, and then determine when you should submit your book (manuscript) to

that place. Some known reviewers like to see the book 4 to 5 months before it’s published

so you need to send in an advance copy. Read their directions and make sure you follow them

to the letter. Go over to Amazon and check out all the top reviewers that are interested in your

book’s genre. Write them a letter and ask them if they’re interested in reviewing your book.

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Tip #27


Everyone has an IRS form to fill out in April and submit it.

That means SAVE all your receipts from anything and everything to do with your writing, speaking, convention, webinar

career. Make sure they’re dated. Make sure you’ve circled the amount without the tax and tip included. Get yourself an

accountant. If you can’t afford one, buy an online-in the cloud accounting software. Start with your oldest and work your

way to the present. You must find out what you can deduct and what you can’t. Read up on mileage. Read up on what’s


get it taken care of  BEFORE it’s due April 15.

Make sure you start collecting your year’s receipts NOW instead of later.

Too many tragedies occur when an Independent ? doesn’t file their taxes.

Remember those royalties you’ve earned on those books? speaker engagements? coaching? advising?  products?

You’ve got to pay taxes on them.

Find out what the legal limit is that you can earn before you must pay taxes.

An important tip.

Don’t forget.

Everyone pays taxes — including you!

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Betsy and Matt

Betsy Wurzel talks about handling the Holidays for loved one’s with Alzheimer’s.  Betsy has talked about this subject before but felt necessary to talk about it again. The holiday’s may not be like you have celebrated in the past. Your family may now have to adjust to the celebration of the holidays  for your loved ones. The large family gatherings maybe too confusing for your loved one. Your loved one may not know that it is Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Years or any Holiday you are celebrating. You may have to change the holiday celebration to make it less confusing for your loved ones.

Betsy talks about how she is not able to light the Menorah Candles at Hanukkah. One reason the fear that Matt may try to touch the candles. So some of her friends will light the Menorah for her. There are so many things you may have to be aware of to keep your loved ones safe at the holidays.

Confusion, strange people in the house, noise and the disruption of the daily routine. Betsy gives much more information in her audio, You will still have some form of celebration and just probably will not be able to have the celebration your family use to have.

I always recommend that you contact Betsy via Facebook. You can talk with her about the holidays or anything else you may want to talk about, concerning being a caregiver for a loved one with Alziheimer’s.

If you just want to ask me a question or just say Hi that would be great.

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Daniel Riley Host and Intern at Passionate World Radio Network. Dan’s show today is on the Boston Patriots and the loss to the Tennessee Titans Team.
Last Sunday, a Tennessee Titans team led by head coach Mike Vrabel and recent additions from New England helped Tennessee pull off a major upset.
The Pats? Well, Their secrets being exposed in free agency may be the beginning of the end. Every NFL team has that moment when it stops being a force to be reckoned with. You can hear more about Dan’s comments on his audio. Remember nothing last forever!

If you have any comments or suggestions Dan would like to hear them.

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Tip #26

No one comes to your Book-signing although you and your friends spent allot of time pre-planning and

planning. Who’s fault is it? No ones! It’s a crap shoot. Yes, Stephen King gets people wanting to sign his

books. Did you know in the beginning that Stephen King drove to different cities and handed his books

out of the trunk of his car? Did you know that other famous authors have to sign NEW publishing contracts

each and every time they write a book because they can’t guarantee that their next book will be a best-

seller? Hard to believe. When bad things happen, don’t panic. Don’t cry and spoil your makeup. Don’t

bitch to the sales clerk. Just make sure you thank the person in charge at the bookstore for their hard work.

Write them a thank you note when you get home. Plan another booksigning. Perhaps, the local library would

be interested. Perhaps, a well-know group in your city would appreciate a booksigning. The tip here is ASK!

You’ll never know unless you ASK. Yes, I know it’s hard. It’s embarrassing. You’re afraid they’ll say NO.

Some might. Some might not. Until you ASK, you’ll never know. How’s that for a ‘the rest of your life regret’ of


Until next time… .

Tip #25

Take a video selfie while you’re doing a presentation. Have someone hold the iphone, Android, or tablet while you

do it. Make sure you look directly into the video eye of the iphone, Android, or tablet and speak. Adjust

your voice tone. Make sure you don’t end your statement with a question. Make sure you don’t say “hmm,” “like,”

“you know,” “sort of,” and any of the other fillers that your brain fills in for you when you don’t know what to say.

Make the video presentation short. 5 minutes should do the trick. Once you finished, stop the recording.

Play it again for you to see. Make sure you take notes and write down where you need to improve.

Make a note of the mistakes, what you need to improve, and the date. Do this for several weeks and

hear how you improve your speaking and presentation of self.

Until next time… .

Gina Gardiner is an International Best Selling Author, Inspirational speaker, Master NLP Practitioner, Business, Empowerment and Relationship Coach.
Gina’s approach is inspirational, educational and exciting – using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and her own unique strategies and techniques, alongside real life experiences. All her work is designed to empower and equip people so they can achieve lasting happiness, success and fulfillment in every aspect of their lives.

Gina’s show today is on Anxiety. Have you heard the parable of the beetle ‘stuck’ on a broom handle that is lying on the floor? It is only an inch off the ground, but for the beetle it looks like a very high drop! The beetle needs to get off the broom, which to our human eyes looks very easy, but the beetle cannot make the decision. It cannot transcend its fears and anxiety – the anticipation of what the decision would mean for its life. Does this sound like you at all? If this sounds like you then you are at the right place and the right time to hear Gina’s show.

To find out more about Gina’s work and to download a free copy of her book “Thriving not Surviving: The Five Secret Pathways to Happiness, Success and Fulfillment” go to this website: https://thrivetogethertribe.com/radio

If you want to give any comments or suggestion send email to me (Jeanne White) or if you want to just say Hi,

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Tip #24

Start a blog.

You want to get noticed?

You want people to identify with you?

Brand with you?

Start a blog. Write about a topic that will help others.

Look at the blog here.

When I started, no one knew me.

Two years later I have more than 50,000 email subscribers by word of mouth.

Compared to other blogs, that might not be too impressive, but the subscribers

keep on growing.

Invite others to guest blog on your blog.

Until next time… .

Lisa Barrett, LPC, ATR specializes in helping to heal Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Grief, ASD, ADHD, etc., working with children, adolescents, and adults.
Art therapy is a way to use art to help with illness, trauma or challenges in living. One of the many benefits of Art therapy is the ability to express your feeling through art.
There is a wealth of information on this interview with Lisa. Lisa talks about the passion she has to help you through Art.

If you have any questions for Lisa I have given Lisa’s Website for you too contact her.

For more information about Lisa Barrett and the services she provides please go to this website www.touchedbyarttherapy.com

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Veterans Day


From all the Hosts on Passionate World Radio Network want to say Thank you to all our Men and Women that have served to protect us and keep us free and safe in the United States.   We are all truly Grateful.

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