3.23.17  Lillian’s Interviews David Enrich, “The Spider Network.”

The Wild Story of a Math Genius, a gang of Backstabbing Bankers, and One of the Greatest Scams in Financial History.

He’s the Wall Street Joural’s Financial Enterprise Editor

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4.06.17  Lillian Interviews Jessamyn Stanley, “Yoga”

4.07.17  Lillian Interviews Jessica Shattuks, “The Women in the Castle”

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Amy Oestreicher

3.13.17 Lillian’s Interviews Amy Oestreicher is a PTSD peer-to-peer specialist, artist, author, writer for Huffington Post, speaker for TEDx and RAINN, health advocate, survivor, award-winning actress, and playwright, currently starring in her one-woman musical gutless & Grateful.


3.10.17  Lillian’s Interviews Katherine Farnham, “Kool Kat” is a third generation musician and 2016 Global Music Awards Silver Medalist. She founded Voice Inside Productions (VIP), Music for Peace International and is the author of two upcoming books.

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Why We Came Here

Have you ever really thought about why we came here to this new nation…new untamed country?

I know that you know the usual reasons: religious freedom, non government interference, gold, and empire building. However, the real reason is much more serious and it’s the same one that we as a planet want to do again, hence Mars.

Unfortunately, Mars is three years away, and while some skeptics would say, hey, it took a long time to reach this new country, it didn’t take 3 years.

We are looking at Mars the way our ancestors looked at this brave new world. Our new world contained all the elements that we had destroyed or used up in the old world like lumber, minerals, living space, to name a few. Here on Earth, we have the same problem. We’re fast running out of our natural resources that our ancestors and us have taken for granted for so long.

Once the trees are gone, they’re gone. Go take a look at the Mayan, Aztecs, Easter Island, and other primitive cultures. Once they destroyed all their natural resources, they were stuck and left without a contingency plan. When the rain stopped, there was drought.

In fact, in some South American countries because their glaciers already disappeared, the remaining water is now metered out to the inhabitants. How would you like to live like that? Rationed water, no, I didn’t think so. And, yet that’s what we are facing on planet Earth unless someone stands up and says, we’ve got to conserved what we’ve got left.

Even if you don’t believe in global warning, believe this. When all of our natural wealth runs out, how good are you at sharing? With your next door neighbor versus your neighbors across the sea?

And, while that is sinking in, let me remind you of a book that was written by Rachel Carson back in the 50’s. It was called “Silent Spring.”

Are you ready for “Silent Spring?”

We all do it to ourselves.

Call ourselves names especially when we’re vulnerable or when we’re at our lowest or weakest ebb.

This morning, I muttered: “Because I am stupid.”

Talk about bullying. We seem to feel that if we can’t bully ourselves, then no one else should. And, you’re right. We shouldn’t be bullying ourselves by calling ourselves names that degrade us or bring down our morales.

How many of us do call ourselves names when things don’t go right. When we’re following directions and the wrench slips in our hands or the hammer or some other object that can do bodily harm to ourselves in a matter of moments.

How many of us call ourselves ‘dummies’ or ‘idiots’ when we fail the simple task asked of ourselves by our children, spouse, relatives, or peers? You don’t often say it outloud loud enough for your fellow peers or family to hear in case they agree with what you’re saying.

We have an entire culture that belittles themselves at the drop of a hat, and nothing is ever done about it. Whereas if someone outside of ourselves call us those names we surely would stick up for ourselves and demand an apology.

So, I’m asking. Why don’t we demand an apology of ourselves when we use those same names on ourselves when we feel that we’ve done something stupid, idiotic, or just plain dumb?

It’s a built in reflex. I suppose it comes with our genes this need to take ourselves down every time we fail to do a project right, answer properly to a spouse, relative or child because it makes us feel better.

In other words, it lightens our load. It makes us feel that we can take ourselves down. It’s okay.

In my book, it’s not okay to take yourself down, to belittle yourself, or tell yourself repeatedly that you’re a dumbass or how could you be so stupid? It’s easy to affix blame to someone else when you’ve made a mistake. It’s also just as equally easy to call yourself names in a flash moment of frustration, despair, or I’m drowning. There are ways though that you can start reforming yourself so that you don’t walk into that trap of calling yourself names.

Remember, your kid’s antennas are always up and listening so don’t say anything out loud that you don’t want them repeating and using on themselves. That’s how dynasties of name calling are born.

First thing is, don’t call yourself a bad name. You made a mistake. You’re human. You will make a mistake. That’s how you learn.

Two, use another word in its place like you’re brilliant and leave it like that even if you don’t feel brilliant. Look at it this way, you’re not putting yourself down nor are you teaching your children to put themselves down at the same time.

Third, when the sudden urge comes past your lips, change that bullying word to something that you can live with or can live up to. Curse words are not always good because you should come to a point in your life where you don’t lather soap into your mouth.

Fourth, invent nonsense words to take the place of those degrading word. Find something that will settle your nerves, comfort you, or get you past the point where you start to feel better about yourself.

There’s no sentence set in stone that you have to bully yourself whenever something goes wrong. Look at the situation as an object lesson and learn to overcome the urge to put yourself down.

You’re not stupid. You’re not an idiot. You’re not a dummie.

You’ve grown into a responsible adult.

So, act it!

3.07.17 Lillian’s Interviews Merrick Rosenberg, “The Chameleon.”

Personality plays out in everything we do and Merrick Rosenberg can offer a unique perspective on topics related to business and relationships or current events. Merrick has trained tens of thousands of people in his reimagined version of the personality styles. By linking the classic personality types to four birds (eagles, parrots, doves and owls), he revolutionized how individuals see themselves and the people in their lives.

He is an experienced author, speaker, trainer, and entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Take Flight Learning and has worked with more than half of the Fortune 100 companies. Merrick has een a featured guest on television and radio shows across the country and is a thought leader whose wisdom is often sought to help make sense of trends and events.

Contact: 856-807-0200