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Betsy Wurzel Advocate for the voices of the Caregivers. Betsy is bringing Alzheimer’s and the many struggles of caregivers to the forefront. Society and the Medial Community need to open their eyes, because Alzheimer’s is not going away. In fact their will be more people diagnosed and caregivers will not have a support system in place to help them. Who will help huge surge of paperwork? .The group that will be of support and perhaps have some answers will be the Alzheimer Facebook Groups. Their the ones that understand more about Alzheimer’s then the Medial Community. Sorry folks got a little carried away.

Betsy has some suggestions, as she also has been a caregiver for over 17 years. Betsy makes some good points on feeling guilty. Somehow we have to climb out of this duty to be all to everyone.

The show today is on GUILT. So many caregivers have this guilt that they have to be superhuman. Guilt from their families, Guilt because someone is criticizing on how they caring for the loved one with Alzheimer’s. Perhaps the Doctor or the Nurse is giving some verbal criticising that they may not be in compliant with the caring of the Alzheimer’s Patient. And their is the Caregiver who feels so guilty in taking a half hour for themselves. I like to see you walk in their shoes for 10 minutes and see what the caregiver sees. Caregivers if you don’t take care of yourself and you get Ill, who is going to step in to be the caregiver. I am sure it is not going to be easy but even if you take 5 minutes to clear your head that would be a huge step for you.

If you have an questions or comments for Betsy, please contact her via her Facebook page Betsy E. Wurzel. She will respond to you.

Nothing changes unless we all get involved. You really can help Betsy by getting involved. You need to Stand up to make a difference with bring awareness for Alzheimer’s patient and the Caregiver.

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