Jeanne White is the Author of this Post. This post is for Gina Gardiner and her purpose in life is to help as many people as possible. Well today Gina’s show is on : “The Five Rules of Life” Now you say why do I need to know this! Let me go further and add “how would these rules effective my Life.” These questions will be addressed by Gina on the audio below. Rules that are useful reminders of how best to approach your life and that can help you lead a happy, successful and fulfilled one. I know I want to lead a happy successful and happy life. I think we all want that. So here we go with Gina on these 5 important rules that will help us all.

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The Author of this post is Daniel Riley of Sports Talk Radio. The show today is on The passing of Alex Spanos and George Taliferro. These two men changed the course of Football.

George Taliferro opened doors for African Americans in pro football, breaking that sports’ color barrier long before baseball did-all while playing seven different positions.
Alex Spanos not only got the Chargers to a Super Bowl, but brought Pro Football back to L.A. after disappearing from sight for 2 decades. The modern game is indebted to him.

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Distinguish Yourself From the Ordinary!

Tip #7

Mission accomplished.

You’ve finished doing a radio interview, television interview, an interview on the street, at a bookstore,

or on internet radio, now what?

Before you leave the event, make sure you find out who arranged your interview with an email and snail mail

address. Put it on your cell phone as a note. Make sure you have all the details. Details matter. Why?

When you get home, you’re going to write a ‘Thank You Note.’

You heard correctly. In this age of technology, producers appreciate or the person who has arranged

your interview a written (hand written) note from the author. Just a simple ‘thank you’ for arranging the

interview, having coffee and doughnuts available when you most needed them. The note is done on plain

(beige) paper, although the many I’ve done are somewhat more decorative because I buy thank you notes

from museums. My one vanity.

After writing the note, make sure you start a list of ‘thank you note’ names with their addresses in an

excel file so you have these contacts on file. (more on this later).

Tipping the Balance Coaching makes a difference. Arrange a chat. Leave the world a better place than when you found it.

Distinguish Yourself From the Ordinary!

Tip #6

When you find yourself a care giver to someone you love, remember that you won’t

always be around to do the work you’re suppose to do. Such is my case today.

My tip to you is this: Do your best at all times. If you find yourself trying to figure

out what is most important, remember this: Family and Health always comes first.


Until tomorrow for Tip #7.


Distinguish Yourself From the Ordinary!


Tip #5

Before you go on and sit down into a studio, do yourself a favor. Take the gum out of your mouth.

It looks bad to go into an interview and see a lump in either side of your cheeks. Your host might

think you’ve stuffed tobacco into your cheek like many of the old time baseball  players use to do.

You’re not a squirrel or a chipmunk.

Don’t give that impression,

You might want to suck on a sour ball to clear your throat or ease the dryness that’s suddenly develop

into your mouth. Make sure you do it when you’re off-line. Sour balls have a disturbing habit of interfering

with your speaking and making the audience suspicious of what is really in your mouth.

Remver all foreign objects that don’t belong in there.

Distinguish Yourself From the Ordinary!

Tip #4

When a host on TV or on Video or even at a radio station tell you to get comfortable, there are a few items

you need to hold dear to your heart.

  1.  Don’t cross your knees even if you’re wearing pants.
    The correct way to sit LADIES is to press your legs together and swing them
    off to the side. Hands in lap. GENTLEMAN, keep your legs together and in front
    of you. YOU’RE not at home. You’re in someone’s studio. Act the part of the Expert!
  2. LADIES-Don’t wear dangling jewelry. I know. The host does. Who cares? She’s not
    the one being interviewed. She has her job. To make you look good. So, look good!
    GENTLEMEN, no need to wear a red tie unless you’re going into a political debate or a
    political combat zone. You’re there to be interviewed. Not to challenge the host.
  3. Wear colors that suit you. For me, it was blue and pink shirts with a black or navy blue
    skirt and black or navy blue jacket. With pearls and gold studs. Dress yourself for the
    part. Look like the profession and expert you are. MEN wear suits. White shirts are nice,
    colored shirts are fine. Find out again what you look best in and wear it. Don’t look
    like you’ve slept in the outfit either.End of Part 1 of Tip #4.Need a Coach? So did I in the beginning. Everyone has a beginning, middle, andending. Which one are you? Let’s find out together. Call Lillian @484-755-5166.And thanks for reading! Appreciated!

The Nurse’s help us all when we are sick in the Hospital. Now it is our turn to HELP THEM!

The Author of this post is Jeanne White. This is interview with Sheila Wilson for the update for HB795 that will change wording from a misdemeanor to a Felony in the State of Massachusetts. This video interview explains how Nurse’s are getting hurt and how we all can help them. All the information on who to call is on this video. Please do not bypass the video. It is so important for all to know how they can HELP the Nurses.

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If you wold like to be a volunteer, please email Sheila Wilson. We would like to have you on the team to help with HB 795 in the State of Massachusetts.

Remember, if we do nothing then Then Nothing Changes

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Distinguish Yourself From the Ordinary!

Tip #4

Remember the Adage?

Keep your eye on the camera!

Well, it’s not right.

Remember that other Adage, the one where your parents drilled into you as a youngster?

When you speak to anyone, keep your eyes fixed on their eyes? In other words, “Look into my eyes!”

That’s the right adage to follow.

When you’re doing a video or television spot, most hosts will direct you to keep your eyes focused on their eyes.

So, do that when you’re doing a video or television spot because that’s the right place to focus your eyes.

Otherwise, you won’t be asked back again.

And, that’s the shame of it. Because Being Asked back is a biggie (I’ll explain later)

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Distinguish Yourself from the Ordinary!

Tip #3

When you speak, get rid of ‘UHM, YOU KNOW, REALLY, AND, AND, AND.

For one thing you’ll annoy the hell out of the interview PLUS your listeners will turn off.

It’s like, you know, really, and uhm running into a brick wall.

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Cease the words!

“Distinguish Yourself From the Ordinary!”

Tip #2

Unless you’re reading from a book (more on that later), DON’T read to your audience.

Ever watch Oprah on her television show. If you’re paying attention, you’ll notice she always carried

5 x 10 index cards. Why? Key words and phrases are written on those cards. She would use them to

keep her on track. Focused. Targeted. No wasted words. Her audience knew she knew her stuff

and would give them what they came to hear.

Your audience will know you’re reading and stop listening.

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