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April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

and May is Mental Health Awareness Month…and according to studies, up to 40 % of women and 13% of men were sexually abused in childhood and, in 90% of those cases, the victim knew the perpetrator

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Happiness versus Contentment

If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands!

If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands!

If you’re happy and you know it and you really want to show it. If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands, stomp your feet, and then let loose in general.

What is difference between being happy and being content?

Is it one and the same? Or different?

Happiness is favored by fortune, delighted or pleased over a particular thing.

Most people are happy most of the time. Other times are taken up by being unhappy.

What makes people unhappy? A variety of things. Stuff that doesn’t sit well with them. Failure to achieve their heart’s desire. Poor choices. Indecisions. Someone doesn’t obey them. Or doesn’t take their advice. Unhappiness can stem from a myriad of stuff.

But in all things, you are the one who decides whether you’re happy or sad. You, and you alone.

Contentment is satisfied with what one has or is.

Many people are also content with their life. They don’t see a need to improve it or build upon it. They are content with what they have, where they want to go, and how they’re going to get there. For them, life is a bowl of cherries and they don’t see any pits in the bottom of the bowl nor do they discover any pits in their fruit.

They are satisfied with what they have and see no need to make lots of improvement to themselves or their lives. To them, their life is just fine the way it’s going and are content to let their life remain that way.

Happiness vs. Contentment

So, which one are you? Happy? or Content?

I’m happy, but I’m also content is what I most often hear from people. I take satisfaction in what I’m doing, but I’m also happy, take pleasure in what I’m doing and making no plans to change it.

Does it have to be one or the other?

Can’t a person be both? Happy and Content?

I don’t see why not. Just make sure that you made the final decision on how it’s going to be.

Yes, you’re going to change your mind. Plenty of times. That’s what you’re suppose to do. Keep changing. Keep toning. Keep refining until you’ve reached that spot where it makes sense to you.

One Dad told me he’s content. He has reached his financial goal in life. His wife and family are growing and blossoming. He has no fears of the present or the future.

Which are you? Or are you both? Happy & Content.

If you’re happy and content, stomp your feet!

If you’re happy and content, stomp your feet!

If you’re happy and content and you really want to show it, if you’re happy and content stomp your feet!

Until next time… ,

A few months ago, much to the shock of several clients. I asked them to, “Stop standing on the edge of their potential?”  Success only comes when you give up your limiting beliefs. My clients come to me feeling stuck. After, listening to all their excuses and their stories of WHY they couldn’t be successful.  I challenged them to “Stop standing on the edge of their potential” and step into what they want. The goal is to start fulfilling their dreams, wishes and those long desired goals and create success in their lives. Where are the clients, today? They are. Happily, re-writing their stories and enjoying their best life possible.

This is a testament to what you can do when you have a paradigm shift in your life. This is what happens when you know your Canfield Archetypes. Knowing your truth will release old mind sets that have kept you from your best life possible

OK! What did I mean by “stop standing on the edge of your potentia”? I meant it was time for you to stop the life-long hoping and wishing your life would just change. The day-dreaming that your life would miraculously, some how be more…peaceful, fun, adventurous. Ending the belief that if you just kept hoping and a praying, it would all be better, some how.  Sadly, It is the wishing they had more…love, money, friends, time and joy in their life that keeps them stuck. Quite the dilemma. Can’t you just see them standing there in a Titanic moment, with the wind in their hair and a prayer on their lips, just a wishing and hoping someone will rescue them? The goal is to rescue yourself and change your life to fulfill your dreams, wishes and goals. Yes you can! I promise you – you can!

How! Do the Canfield Analytical Process

In over, Twenty years of Coaching hundreds of individuals, nearly every client I have ever worked with – it is always about the potential they know they have, and the stories that stand in the way of them achieving success. Let’s break this cycle and change these stories. These stories are robbing you of your joy, and they are what keeps you from accomplishing what you truly want in your life.

How would you like succes like this?

Kaye has changed my life. In just two months of working with her, I have realized my potential, and learned to let go of what was holding me back in life. I just got my dream job; something I never would have aimed for before. She has helped me aim beyond the stars! I am ready to leave my past behind me, and never settle for mediocrity again!
Jennifer Broderdorf, Murrieta, CA

Yes you can! Have your best life possible!

Just call and learn how,


Phone: 858.888.2451

Email: kaye@kayecanfield.com

check out our blog: www.kayecanfield.com

Hope is a four letter word.

Never thought about it much, did you?

Well, I have.  Four letters. Just long enough to spell out a word that means allot to many people.

Hope is what you aspire to. Long for. Accomplish even.

Not everyone has hope or wants to hope. Some people have given up — to hope — to them — it’s just a pipe dream. Something to daydream about. One day, I’ll have hope.

In my travels so far, I’ve found that Hope is like going on a diet. It’s going to take you the rest of your life to achieve it and live with it. So, you might as well get it right the first time.

First Time.

There’s a first time for hope. Seriously?

Not everyone thinks that way, but I do. Hope is one of those rare things that few people really have learned to cherish. Without hope, what else is there left to live for?

For some people that’s a weighted conversation all on its own, but for my purposes, I’ve begun to hope that life for me will finally settle down into something that I can live with — inside and outside of me.

Hope for me is the time when both sides of me agree and go forth in a positive direction.

Hope is learning how to cope with all manners of stress and not let it get to me emotionally, physically, or mentally.

Hope is learning how to go forward and learn from the present.

Hope is not looking backwards, but setting my eyes on the mission that I’m setting up for myself.

Hope is learning how to live with oneself without splitting into millions of pieces to cope for you when you’re present self is not up to it.

Hope is:

I’m sure many people can fill in the blanks for what Hope means to them. However, the most important part of hope is that it’s an on learning experience. It keeps on ticking while taking a licking to paraphrase a watch commercial that aired 40 years ago. I won’t like it if they run a truck tire over me to prove that the watch keeps on taking time, but I suspect you get the general picture.

Hope is when all else fails and you’ve got nothing to loose. And, some days, that’s exactly how I feel. Everything that I’ve put my hand to has sucked, failed, or in general collapsed under it’s own weight. But, Hope spears me that.

It enables me to dream on and picture myself in a quiet shelter where the waves barely break upon the shore.

That’s what hope is to me.

What’s hope to you?

Let me know and we’ll compare notes.

Until next time… .

April 18 Lillian Interviews Dotti Berry, Coach B and Epic Communicator, eastern 3 p.m.

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