This is a series I am doing for Caregivers of loved ones that have Alzheimer’s.. It is their stores that will have you wondering how you would handled this situation.

This is the Interview I had with Christina Turner on being a caregiver for her Mother (Marian) her Husband (Merrill) and her Uncle (Jerry). Christina was a Nurse but had to leave the profession she loved to take care of her family. It is hard enough to care for one loved one but to handle two at the same time was crushing for her.  How did Christina handle this for her family How did it affect her health?  These questions and more on this dynamic interview.

Please listen to the caregivers and their stories and let me know what your thoughts are on this epidemic called Alzheimer’s.
You may think these stories are alike but they are not. Each caregiver has a different type of a journey for their loved one.

There are some common threads but still each story is still different. Just like a diagnosis for Alzheimer’s, there are many variables to the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. Look at the Dementia Umbrella showing just a sample of some of the diagnoses.

Thank you for listening to Christina’s Story. I hope it brings some understanding on this Alzheimer’s epidemic we are in worldwide.
Until there is some type of treatment for these individuals there will be countless stories of the journey so many caregivers are taking to care for their loved ones with Alzheimer’s.
It is not going away but in fact as I write this post there may have been more people diagnosed with a form of Alzheimer’s.Worldwide
FYI Folks this epidemic is not going away any time soon.

There are many caregivers taking a care of a loved for other forms of health issues. These are the stories from one section of our society called Alzheimer’s.

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