Pat yourself on the back.

You’ve made it — so far. Only three more days until New Years, and then we can begin the count all over again.

For those who are continually celebrating Christmas that means you have 364 days until we celebrate Christmas for 2017.

For those who wish for another year — four years in one swoop or for those traditionalists who insist on taking each new year as it comes – there’s 364 more days until the next New Years.

Looking for some predictions? Let me give you some as an educated and well informed citizen.

When the next President looks for money, don’t be surprised when he TAXES what’s left of the Middle Class.

Take MONEY from Education, Social Programs, Medicare, and all those other favorite dip wells that most politicians like to withdraw money from. It’s said that the new President likes to throw wrenches into the established quo, well, I”m waiting to see when he TAXES THE RICH and takes monies away from the corporations, Wall Street, and other institutions that suck the life-blood of our country out of the common people’s pockets. I’m told I’ll be able to grow facial hair while waiting!!

The Middle Class will continue to shrink.

In other words of Pearl S. Buck. “The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer. And there comes a time when the rich get too rich and the poor get too poor, and then look to your politicians, folks.” As Ms. Buck once said, “when the rich get too rich and the poor get too poor, there’s war. Bury your valuables. You’re going to need them.”

Okay, other predictions.

Everyone who wants to go on a diet will do so. And those who don’t want to, won’t go on a diet. It’s like dusting. Once you’re finished dusting, you’ve got to start all over again. Isn’t that just like a diet?

Exercising will still be the number 1 solution to life, liberty and the pursuit of a longer life. People who exercise glow. Those who don’t glower. Which one is better for you? Glow or glower? Or perhaps, a combination of the two?

Cell phones are here to stay. But will the operators grow an extra set of eyes while walking down the pavement and not fall down manhole covers, get run over by cars, crash into a tree (while driving), or just continue to bump into people. It’s almost as if everyone was hiding from the rest of the herd, flock, people?
Just an observation prediction, what do you think?

What would you folk like to hear on PWRN’s airwaves?
Comments – please make them since the survey turned up nothing.

Okay, that’s all for now. Tomorrow, we’ll be two days closer to New Years!


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