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11.14.18 Robert Scheer, “A Forever Family Foster Change: One Child at a Time.”

11.13.18 Judge Funches, “You’ve Gotta Let God Finish”

11.12.18 Modi, “Some Woman Prefer Hell”

11.11.18 Care Giver Daily Routine with her Spouse

11.09.18 Allison Jandu, ” The Poop Puzzle

11.06.18 with Craig Beswick

11.05.18  InherQuests with Dina Shoman, Financial Training for Girls

11.03.18 Cool Your Heels with Lillian: Care Givers, Alzheimer’s and the Holidays

11.02.18 Turn On Your Happiness by Norma.

11.01.18 Vivian Gong and Rachel Quaill develop a new watch for children ages 5 to 12 years old.

10.30.18 Dixie Forsyth, Author of Fascinating Woman: Timeless Woman

10.29.18 Slynn Smith, Running for President in 2020

10.28.18 Grandparents and the Younger Generation

10.26.18 Tara Losquadro Liddle, M.P.T. “Why Motor Skills Matter”

10.25.18 Dr. Tamara Magnum, “Meet My Three Friends: Purpose, Passion, and Power.”

10.23.18  Sara Sherman, “The Single Women’s Guide to Getting a Degree”

10.22.18  The Goodness Tour

10.19.18  Dr. Jane Orient,

10.18.18  K.T. Alozie, Author Finding Greenwood and Red Summer, Financial Investment, Black Wall Street

10.09.18  Shelia K. Collins, PHD and Christine Gautreaux, MSW, “Stillpoint” A self-cate playbook for caregivers to find ease and time to breathe, and reclaim joy.

Let’s give a cheer to Hal Price who writes books for children in the hospital and being treated for Cancer.

10.08.18 Cool Your Heels with Lillian interviewed Catherine Collinson, Financial Investment for Retirement

10.05.18, Michael Moloney and Matthew Ayre pictures of their Artic Expedition in finding the first whaling vessel.


10.03.18  Jesus Nebot, The Goodness Tour, Video Upon Request via Share


10.04.18  Cool Your Heels with Lillian Interviewed Dianne Gallagher, Financially Aware Kids

10.01.18  Shari Whyte, Finding Tir Na Nog

9.24.2018 Greg Scott, Noise Pollution in NYC Restaurants

7.27.18 Cool Your Heels with Lillian Cauldwell : Lillians Interviews Dr. Don & Magy Martin, Finding Girt, How girls and women become successful.