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Jeanne is producing a series for Caregivers. The caregiver will be talking about what happens on a daily basis when a loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. There is no cookie cutter for Alzheimer’s as the diagnosis may be different for each family. The caregiver is now in unchartered territory.
What do we do and how to get help. With all the information on the Internet and elsewhere there is still the question what am I going to do.

Deborah was in that place of what do when her husband Jim was diagnosed. Jim was only 43 at the time of diagnosis. The Medial Community was not helpful and Deborah felt she had to keep fighting to get information. Deborah has found friends and information on the Alzheimer’s support groups on Facebook that have helped in so many ways. The individuals that are on these support groups have been there getting information and these caregivers are so willing to help. Deborah has jumped many hurdles to be an Advocate for her husband Jim. Deborah ‘s story is worth the listen because what she is saying may help you in your quest. Also Caregivers need help and support. Your friends will be there for you.

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