It hurts!

Anger and hurt.

When was the last time you had to climb out of the pit of despair? The hole of Calcutta?

Did you get much support from your husband or wife? Boss or secretary? Children or cousins?

It’s a hell of a way to spend your life. Some folks have it real bad with bi-polar and a lot of them are on medication. Some of them are not, and the results are not pretty.

In my life, like many of you out there, the bad times are always part of the good times. These moods come when you’re generally not looking for them. However, climbing out of a deep hole full of emotions, unspent tears, and remembrances of childhood days gone by, are not the way to get yourself back on your feet.

I’ve never been immobilized when I find myself in a pit of of despair. For whatever the reason (and there are plenty from responsibility to spouses, family, co-workers, and friends) I pull myself up and get moving.

Getting moving is the only way I know how to climb out and up. Physical motion is probably one of the best cures I know. Sitting around and staring morosely in to the universe doesn’t work.

You get moving.

You sit down with a friend, a loved one, and even someone you can trust, and spill the beans to them. Let them help guide you to a better place.

That’s what shrinks do. LISTEN and GUIDE you. You end up doing all the work.

When you’re finished, sweep it ALL off the table into the garbage pail.

Resolve NEVER to down that particular road again.


After all, life is about going forward, looking into the future and planning your moves.

THINK about that, and then leave a comment or two on whether you agree or not!

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