Banging your head up against the wall?

Not sure whom you’re going to bring on to interview or even speak about?

Yes, it’s daunting. People actually do this daily? Weekly? Monthly? Hourly? How?

Well, you have a plan, an agenda before you set up and take the plunge.

The plunge? What plunge? How hard can it be?

To Start

I’ve seen grown men and women pull their hair out strand by strand. I’ve seen these same people bang their heads against the wall. Hire professional mourners and criers to keen into the wind because after the first burst of rush (enthusiasm), they’ve lost their way and can’t keep up the good work.

Good work? Yes, good work. Other people (future talk show hosts) plan their programming out for at least one if not two years in advance. They usually have a list of people they want to interview, want to discuss topics with, want to give a good show to their listeners. Before they even pick up the phone, these talk show hosts plan their shows in advance. These people have a pretty good idea of who their audience is or who their ideal audience is going be. They then start asking these people what they would like to hear over the air waves.

Some people use surveys to get these necessary answers answered. Other people email their list, friends, peer group and ask them what they would like to hear. Better yet allot of these people go and listen to what is already on the air and listen in to the programming. These hosts also listen to what isn’t being said or being shared and start writing down what they feel their ideal listening audience might want to hear.

The List

Once these future hosts have written down their lists, then they go and find out what key words or key phrases that are being used to draw in the traffic. Despite Hollywood, building something doesn’t mean that they will come. In fact, I can guarantee you that if you don’t advertise, word-of-mouth, use social media, or other ways of bringing in traffic, no one will come.

Listeners need a reason to come in and listen. You, the host must provide something different — something stimulating that’s going to bite these folks on the butt and compel them to stick around and hear what you, your experts, your speakers, your interviewees will say to get them to stay put for more than 4 seconds.

Once you have the list, then you must decide in which direction, in which format you’re going to present your show so that your listeners will come back again and again when a certain program runs.


Let me give you an example. When I first put up my station Passionate World Radio Network LLC up on the air waves, we started out with a listening audience of zero, zip, nadda, nothing, goose egg. However, you want to say it or write it, it was the big O. I wasn’t going to let that continue to happen. So, I decided what types of hosts I wanted to go after. At that time, conversing with animals was getting big, an animal whisperer was interviewed on my station. She never left. She’s still here with me. Her program, What the Animals Tell Me is a big drawer. Another host came on board when she was interviewed about Alzheimer’s. Her mother had Alzheimer’s and she wanted to share the information that she’s collected for the last several years. This lady started her program last fall. It also is a strong drawer.

What would I consider a strong drawer?

Any program that’s retweeted. Any program that our listeners remain listening to for more than 5 minutes. Any percentage over 33% that keeps the audience glued to the audio.

Guess what all of PWRN’s programs work that way.


One of the many lessons that a future talk show host should realize is that you don’t have to be rich, famous, or celebrity for your program to bring in a huge drawer. It only takes a good niche. An interesting topic that will lure the listener in and keep them listening for more than 10, 15, 25, 30 or 60 minutes.

More to come.


About Lillian Cauldwell

Own and operate an Internet Talk Radio Network for 10 years, 2005 to Present Published Author of Non-Fiction Book, 1996, "Teenagers! A Bewildered Parent's Guide. Published Author of several fiction books, 2006 "Sacred Honor" and 20010 "The Anna Mae Mysteries: The Golden Treasure." Playwright of Theater of the Absurd and Black Comedies. Screenwriter, Black Comedies