It’s that time of the year.

And, I’m wishing all my body parts a healthy new years!


Because when we start aging, we still take all our body parts for granted. And, we shouldn’t.

Another year older and another year wiser. Don’t count on it. I doubt very many of us are very wise when it comes to our many body parts. They’ve worked for us for years. Why should we listen to them now? If it isn’t broke, why fix them?

Why indeed?! I use to have sentiments like that, but no more. My eyes were opened when my knees decided to take over my life and dictate how I shall live, walk, and bear pain.


Let me tell you about pain. It exists. You may muffle it with drugs, weeds, and other assorted ways to deal with it, but unless you heal whatever pains you, the chronic pain won’t go away.

Have you ever had your knee disjointed? Let me know you. It’s worse than natural childbirth. I should know. I’ve done both. There’s no way you can rest that knee once its joint is out of place. You want to scream, tear your spouse’s hair out and hit the wall all at the same time, but you don’t. You grin and bear it as best as can.

You also learn how to turn your body, get up from a chair or sofa and walk all at the same time. It’s like being on a permanent diet. If you don’t opt for the premium addition, you might have to have surgery.


A piece of cake. Well, I guess. It depends how little or how much you slice it. I understand a hospital stay is 3 days. They use lots of drugs to make sure you don’t feel the pain of the surgery, but it doesn’t quite cut the pain one experiences while under the knife. After all that, you get to have therapy. If you’re on Medicare, a word to the wise. For the whole year of therapy, we’re allowed only up to and including $1,998.00. So make sure, you practice what you’ve learned in therapy because once the therapy money is used up, you’re on your own to pay for the therapy.  And, let me remind you that most office visits total over $1,000.oo. How do I know this? Because I studied the bill that the therapy office sent my spouse. It was enough for me to see red.

Back to the Body Parts

Getting back to the original salute, Happy New Years Body Parts! I want you to understand that my other knee has also disjointed and I’m told I’ve got arthritis in both knees. Losing battle. Not to mention my Fibermyalgae from previous years that wrecks havoc on my neck, shoulders, arms, toes, fingers, etc. etc. etc. etc. as the King of Siam would say.

So, remember that your body parts are an important part of your health regime. Without them, you’re up Sugar Honey Ice Tea creek, so make plans to play nice with them this year. Plan to stretch. Plan to walk. Plan to bike. Plan on exercising so you can see your grandkids marry and have your great grandkids.

That’s what I’m going to do, although the word is still out on whether I’ll succeed or not.


Happy New Years to all of the world’s body parts and long may they reign!

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