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Womanspirit Rising Global on air Rituals HEAL THE EARTH DAY RITUAL w/Flash Silvermoon and Circle Live+on Demand
Thursday APRIL 21  10-11 PM EST Flash Silvermoon is hosting a new monthly Radio Show called Womanspirit Rising Flash will be joined by other Priestesses of different traditions to offer LIVE ON AIR RITUALS FOR HEALING THE PLANET. TONIGHT- We are offering A HEAL THE EARTH DAY RITUAL You can call in this phone number to listen LIVE Call 1-6055623140r# Hear the ARCHIVE ANYTIME day after the show at
Flash Silvermoon is a Priestess of the Rainbow Goddess Tradition – Circle Weaver and Host ,Author of The Wise Woman’s Tarot, Psychic, Astrologer,Animal Communicator, Vibrational Healer, Musician Master Stone Healer and founder of the Wise Woman’s Festival She is joined by a circle of Priestesses using our Spirituality, Creativity, Deep Heartedness and Desire for Peace, Healing and Justice for the Planet to RAISE THE VIBE FOR THE TRIBE

JOINING THE CIRCLE THIS MONTH Aurora Whitebird ,Earthkeeper, Pipe Carrier and Priestess of Isis and Cyndie Lepori – Dolphin Emissary and Shamanic Healer

OUR FOCUS WILL BE USING THE HIGH ENERGIES AND 4 ELEMENTS TO BRING PEACE, JUSTICE AND HEALING TO THE WORLD especially in PLACES UNDER SEIGE -Traditionally Beltane which is coming soon symbolizes the awakening of the Mother who has been sleeping underground. She returns now to Heal the Planet and bring back a stronger LIFE FORCE for all.Hail the Goddess of a Thousand names. When you are out call one of Her names.

Because we are enduring a time when the people and the planet are feeling more vulnerable with such abrupt changes on all levels we do need LOVE PEACE HEALING AND ELEVATION Please join us each month and share with your sisters and spiritual friends so that we can make larger and larger circles to encircle the Planet for support and healing.There is power in numbers of like minded others.
If you want to participate and not just listen, You will need a burning bowl or smudge bowl with sage/ cedar or your fave blend. a lighter,paper and pen and be sure to crack your window Very Very exciting to share Healing Energy Globally at this challenging time!Our Circle will rotate others in and out as needed to offer up a Cauldron full of tasty Gumbo provided by Spirited Wise Women. We offer you a template, if you will, for your own circle magic should you be a novice and a space of safe Spiritual Sisterhood no matter what your skill level. All are welcome to listen and enjoy the fine energy that we will raise. So get your smudge bowls cooking, your candles lit and dressed and the libations of your choice chaliced and bring your open hearts and enthusiasm to enrich the magical cauldron we will make.
Join us – REWEAVE THE LUMINOUS CRYSTALLINE WEB THAT SURROUNDS THE PLANET INCLUDING ALL THE INTERLOCKING SACRED SITES METHODICALLY ALIGNED FOR THE PLANETARY HEALING AND ELEVATION NEEDED AT THIS SPECIAL TIME You can see all the interesting Astrological shifts occurring now by reading my current Astroflash column.on my website are all moving through a time of most profound and dynamic change and we simply will not be the same people we were last year. This is true in every aspect of life and many of you are seeing that consciously and for some that realization is coming more slowly either way profound change is here to stay and there is no winding back the tape so to speak. Keep watching here for next months program Thursday May 25 2016 10-11 pm est . We will share a magical evening as always Blessings Flash Silvermoon Host, Circle Weaver and Priestess of the Rainbow Goddess Tradition

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