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When you watch your favorite or “chosen” political candidate, do you really hear what they’re questioning?

I know from recent news stories, especially on FOX TV, that several of the candidates really don’t ask allot of questions. They seem more concerned with how many people are following them, what the different polls say and comment on the obvious, not the inner stuff that really concerns all of us.

I find it somewhat disturbing that none of them have thought to ask any of these questions and then settle in and have a really good debate about it.

  1. How to fix America’s  infra-structure. If you haven’t notice, today’s cities pipes, state’s bridges and tunnels, roadways and other internal structures are collapsing under the weight of not being taken care of along the way. None of the candidates seem to want to tackle the first and very important question.
  2. Who is REALLY going to pay for this? Bernie Sanders says Wall Street. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz haven’t said anything concrete while Hilary also seems to think that she’s going to get the rich to pay. Traditionally, it’s the Middle Class that pays. Like Social Security and Medicare, those options are thinning. America needs to devise another payment plan.
  3. Who is teaching our students K-12 to globally compete? Now, let’s reflect. In the past 50 years, we have dumb down our schools, especially our colleges. Most of the students are foreign-born and eventually take America’s education back to their own countries.
  4. What to do about global warming? Fish Extinction? Polar Bear Extinction? Whales Extinction? Have you noticed? There’s no norm in our weather system lately. Either it’s too hot too soon or it plunges to sub-zero weather. Just saying.
  5. Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Floods, Oh My? Who is going to pay for all this damage and destruction?
  6. What can I do for you? Haven’t heard that question asked either. All I’ve heard is that a women’s place is in the birthing room or bed, kitchen, or subservient to man. Hmmm.
  7. And last, but certainly not least, who’s on first? Well, we’ve been trying to figure that one out for decades so I don’t know if any of the candidates could even bring themselves to answer that one.
  8. The point is in mastering your interpersonal skills, you must ask questions, otherwise you’ll never get or find the right solutions to that particular problem or problems. And so far, I haven’t heard one intelligent question from any of those presidential candidates yet. What? They’re waiting for the convention to officially announce who’s on first? Hilary vrs. Trump? Trump vrs. Sanders? Cruz vrs. Hilary? Cruze vrs. Sanders? The suspense is killing us in more ways than one. If these candidates can’t put into words and then ask us what we, Americans, think is wrong with this country, then we’re in serious trouble. I’m not preaching to the choir here, I’m Just Saying…..
  9. That InterPersonal Skills are an important part of any person’s arsenal in achieving their goals, obtain their successes  and becoming a confident professional. I want to hear some questions from these candidates that is pertinent and relevant to what this whole country is thinking, not just bits and pieces of it.
  10. Next week, Manners.

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