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What do you do when you’re told you need to wear braces on your ankles to keep them from rupturing?

I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would wear ankle braces that reached mid way up my calves. I was diagnosed by the doctor with inflamed Achilles tendons. Not enough blood gets to them to make the tendons functional any more. I had two options:

(1)  To withdraw blood from my arm and inject it into my ankles


(2) Have orthopedic braces made for each leg, wear expandable shoes with elastic shoe laces and a half inch heel. Welcome to orthopedic land!

Now, at first I was slightly appalled. Me? Wear braces on my legs? Seriously?

My grandkids are waiting for me to get them on and get going. Biking (2-wheel), softball, soccer, all outdoor activity.

I decided then and there not only was I going to get the braces, but wear them so me and my grandkids can get our lives back in gear.

In this country, handicap people are looked down upon. I always envision the sign of the cross, a bell, and a town crier standing next to me and shouting to the world, look out, a handicap person is coming. Now, I know when I’m in the wheelchair, it’s as if I don’t exist, suddenly lost my hearing or am treated like a imbecile.

I really can’t wait to see how society treats me with my new ankle braces. Of course, the choice is entirely up to me how I’m really treated.

So look out world cuz nothing is gonna slow me down now!

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