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Yes, I’m being tricky here. I should’ve said How Self-Possessed Are Our Presidential Candidates? I wanted to see you if guys are really awake and reading or just leading me on.

It’s interesting to note that them that points their fingers the most are the ones that are terrible at Self Managing themselves. Have they noticed that?

Let me start with the leading Republican candidate. He’s not Mr. Cruz. Let me say this. Any candidate that has to threaten a potential audience that does not agree with him has no business running for a governmental office. Any candidate that has to intimidate, bully, or declare a national holiday on all those who refuse to see things his way is not high on the list of managing your interpersonal skills. I’m just saying this to reinforce the notion that when you run for public office, you must be in control of yourself. If you can’t handle yourself, how are you going to handle all those people around you?

I know. No one is asking the right questions to these candidates. Of Mr. Cruz, I can’t say his interpersonal skills are any better that the leading candidate is. Intimidation, fear and living in the past will not solve any of America’s present or future conditions. All it will do is split the nation further.

As for pictures and images that all of the candidates seem to use to reinforce their points-of-view, well, me hardies, I beg to differ with them. Again, there interpersonal skills are sagging and really need to be re-adjusted to fit the current topics.

Showing me  pictures of our Ambassador being gunned down only reminds me that the Republicans refuse to vote in the necessary money for the defense department to defend our overseas appointed officials from harm. Calling people names: crook, liar, braggart, socialist capitalist are all fine and good unless the general public don’t really understand what the ‘ell you’re really saying.

Based on the history lessons I received in school and college during the golden years of education, 1950-1960, there’s a real difference between the political state of being a socialist and an economic state of being a socialist. Please keep the two separate. And if you don’t understand, go to the library and talk to one of the older librarians. They’ll set you straight.

Although I have wandered a bit off the beaten lane, our presidential candidates should straighten out and master their own interpersonal skills before trying to vie for the highest office in the land and pretend to be presidential.

I, for one, am not convinced that any of them has the makings of mastering their interpersonal skills, especially in managing themselves.

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