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Thanks to the AARP Bulletin for March 2016 that gave me this idea and the information necessary to put this blog together.

House getting a bit cluttered? Harder to walk around the halls? Use the bedrooms and sit down on the toilet without being squeezed to death by other stuff?

Well, you’re in luck. I’m going to give you advise via the AARP Bulletin on how to declutter your house before the clutter takes over and moves you out into a tent or worse – leaves you homeless.

Things are things. Stuff is stuff. How do you determine which is which and what is what. First things first.

Have some antiques? Plan on passing them down to the next in line? Fine, do it now.

Plan on giving it to a museum or some other specific place like a library? Give them a phone call and see if they’re interested. Make sure you tackle the tax angle to it as well so everyone will be happy in the end.

Or do you plan on selling it? Take it down to the local antique store and letting them have a look. Or better yet, scout through the Yellow Pages on the internet and see if you can find something similar to what you have and determine how much it would sell for.

See? No more clutter. Let’s move on.

You still got your old wedding dress. Don’t have plans to shorten it and make it into an evening or cocktail dress. Don’t plan on giving it to your son for his future wife or your daughter is wrong size? Well, don’t panic. You can either take it to a resell shop and see if they will buy it or you can always make satin pillows from it. Your choice.

Old appliances, they either die in which you call up the junk collector or you can always hold a yard sale. Word-of-mouth is preferable or if you feel you can handle it, Craig’s list is always a good bet to get the word out. Make sure you know where everyone’s going to park and set the price. Be realistic. Don’t ask for a larger sum if the appliance doesn’t work.

Your kid’s stuff. Everyone has a kid and I bet you’re storing their stuff. Not any more. Give them a cut-off date. Tell them their stuff will be homeless real soon. Lawns are good. Charities are better .Look them up and see if they’re interested in your kid’s donations. Most kids will get the hint. Or if they’re really slow, charge them storage rates. That will bring them around fast enough.

Got luggage? Who doesn’t. If the luggage is in decent shape, sell it. At a flea market, garage sale, or down the street, next door where they need odd stuff to sell. If not, donate it to a charity. Luggage is always needed for the homeless in shelters.

That should do it. Don’t want to prolong the pain for too long. Next week we’ll cover something else until my overcrowded and over-saturated mind is up to working order again.


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