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I had the honor to interview John Nastav “I Am Waiting” John is a Retired Agent Orange Veteran, a Marine that had 3 active tours in Vietnam. John has struggled for many years of the effects of Agent Orange with numerous surgeries. Also the results of the war with PTSD. John wants the listeners to understand the Vietnam War and the many struggles our veterans face on a daily basis returning from war. John is the Author of In Thy Mother’s Honor. This book is written to help all to understand what the troops went through in Vietnam and plus to help John.

This was an a very important interview for me – to have such a wonderful person that has been struggling for so many years with the memories of the war. To find the strength and courage to go back and relieve what happened to him in Vietnam. You will read and feel what so many veterans went through. John was a young man just starting life and then was called to duty. Could you have done what he had to endure during his tours in Vietnam?

We cannot forget the young men and women that served in Vietnam.

These are my thought on that time in America. There were many Americans that treated the vietnam troops very badly and would spit at them. It was disgraceful the way troops were treated in America.
I had purchased the POW bracelets for the missing men from this horrific war. I was able to send one of the bracelets to a soldier that was able to return home. I was so thrilled to send the bracelet to him and to also let him know that there were many prayers for him. He was not forgotten.

John has had much difficulty with his health since Vietnam but with the support of his family he is managing. I really do hope you will purchase his book. I did and will be reading In Thy Mother’s Honor. The book can be purchased on

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Also sending Youtube video
This is the URL to watch a video created by John Nastav “I am Waiting”

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