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This is the Interview I had with Tina Williams. Tina is the sole caregiver for husband JC. Some days Tina does not know what the day will be. Tina knows that she is to help here husband through the good days and the bad days. It is not an easy road for Tina and also for JC. JC is still able to do some things, but Tina sees the changes that are happening. Until then JC still has some independence which allows perhaps a day a week the chance for Tina to go swimming at a local facility.

Tina also has some health issues and feels she has to try to keep herself well. She worries that if something happens to her who will help JC? There are many fears for the caregivers. What helps to get through the day is the support groups on Facebook. The caregivers know that they are not alone because of help though the support groups. A chance to vent and make friends that are in similar situations.

For Tina swimming brings some normal to her life and to quiet her mind she makes these adorable bears and gives them as gift to friends. Making the bears gives her chance to breath and not think about the issues of the day.

Tina’s Alzheimer Bear

This is important series for me. I want to bring the voices of these Warriors to the world. They all need to be heard.

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I really appreciate you listening to the wonderful women and men that have the courage to speak out.
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