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What is the appeal of the Farmers Markets? Well I can tell you on the appeal of the Farmers Markets is to me. It is fun, delicious food to taste and great vendors. It is a community that is enjoying the day and all that comes being at a Farmers Market. This past Saturday, I had to take my Aunt to the Roslindale Farmers Market .

It is funny how life works, I left my Aunt at the market and went to find a parking space. I park and go to the farmers market. I start to browse around and then my Aunt is at my side. Now she says ‘I am finished” What – what the heck I just got to the market. She is ready to go. My Aunt is in a generation that you complete the task and go home. No stopping for coffee or anything. Now she says “I will sit and you go and look around” Do you really think I would do this? So, i said it is ok, I will take you home, To my Aunt – it is like a matter of life and death to get the vegetables home. I just started to laugh to myself. So I take my Aunt home and she is so happy that she got some fresh vegetables for her and her friend.

I returned to the Farmers Market in Roslindale and walk around to see all the vendors and what they are selling. It is a great way to speak with the vendors on what they are selling and maybe they may have a great recipe to share.. I also like to taste some of the food. I had a cup of coffee from the Recreo Coffee Co located in West Roxbury, Ma . The coffee is high quality and was so delicious. Their coffee is grown in Jinotega, Nicaragua. Now unless I went to the Farmers Market how would I have heard or tasted this delicious coffee, Plus, How I can find out where there coffee cafe is, so I can have a chance to go there and sit and have a cup of coffee.

You can find out so much about a vender and their products thru the Farmers Market. This is where you see Entrepreneurs loving what they do and they are waiting to talk with you You do not get that type of treatment at a Supermarket.

I had some Focaccia from the Fornax Bread Company (Roslindale Bakery) The bread had just been baked and the smell and the tasting of the bread was so delicious.
I felt so welcome and happy at this Farmers Market. You had the opportunity to sit on a bench and listen to music while you are enjoying a great cup of coffee and some Focaccia. It cannot get any better than that. You are in the moment of enjoying.

Plus you are able to buy fresh food. Now that means to me fresh food from the farm to my table. I purchased some vegetables and on Sunday I roasted the vegetables that included, Carrots, Parsnips, Red and Green Peppers, Zucchini, Onions. I think I did ok on roasting the vegetables.

You see the cutest things such as this little white dog that many especially children would to stop and pat this cute little dog.

So these are some of the reasons why I enjoy going to the Farmers Markets. Now it is your turn and telling me why you also enjoy going to Farmer’s Markets

I am also sharing some pictures from the Roslindale Farmers Market. Hope you enjoy them,

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