I interviewed Jasmin Roy from Quebec, Canada on the Launch they just did to Introduce Julien the Transgender Puppet. We discussed what would help the young adults in what they are feeling on being either a boy or girl. It was important for Mr. Roy to help provide a solution to help these young adults. That is how Julien the Transgender Puppet was created as a tool for Social and emotional learning to help children with the process of identify affirmations.

Julien the Transgender Puppet with the help of four guide sections that could be used https://fondationjasminroy.com/en/initiative/social-and-emotional-learning-to-help-children-with-the-process-of-identity-affirmation/  Each section guide is filled with information and a reference section. These booklets donot present the full spectrum of gender and gender expression, as certain concepts are still being studied. Above all, it is recommended to use it selectively to promote your child’s optimal development.

You should always consult your physician for further assistance in a possible gender issue.

There is more information on Jasmin Foundation website at this url https://fondationjasminroy.com/en/
The foundations mission is fight bullying, violence and discrimination against elementary and secondary school children. One of the many goals is to promote caring environments for students by supporting and organizing various initiatives that provide more effective intervention with victims, aggressors and witnesses.  More information on their Mission can be found at their website.

When I was doing this blog I checked on if there was a transgender puppet on Sesame Street and there was one that was introduced.in 2017. The Transgender Character is Rabbit Brunny.

Thank you for listening to this Interview I had with Jasmin Roy on the subject of Transgenders in young adults and how Jasmin Roy”s Foundation is playing very important part with education and tools to provide the help and understanding in our society. I am sure this will be controversial to some but with education and understanding we can all be free to be who we are.

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