The countdown has begun for the president-elect to take office. His motto: Let’s make America Grate Again!

Oh I agree. Let’s see how his fellow party members agree with that statement.

– Secret meetings behind closed doors. That’s a good one Mr. Congressman. We elect Public officials to hold Private meetings Behind our backs (We meaning the public who voted to put these gentleman and ladies into office. Got a bit confused there. They are representatives of the American people, right?)

– The very FIRST thing they do is to vote out an office (or lessen its power) on ETHICS and INTEGRITY because all of Congress and the Senate are just perfect the way they are. Kind of makes you want to puke. Moving on.

– You would think that with everything that’s about to go under that Congress would have better things to do with their FREE time. Guess not.

– Heard an interesting statement from an incoming representative to the PA state assembly. His words, and I’ll quote loosely so I won’t be accused of stealing his thunder were: In the first year, you might get something done on your agenda. In the next several years, you might not see much movement on your agenda, but after you’ve been here long enough, your agenda is carried out.” Not with term limits buddy. You’re voted into office. You’re not suppose to die there living off the fat of the American people. It does give you pause on how uninterested the American people are.

– It’s been said by the media that we are a country divided. That the next president has a tough job ahead of him uniting the people. I wonder how he’ll do that. Despite what’s been written about men and women supporting the next president, I wonder how many of them ever learned how to read between the lines. We’re talking individual rights. How far has a lady gotten from the early 1900’s to the 21st century and do we REALLY want to give up what our grandmother’s fought for? Just saying, as a mother of a former teen heard repeatedly from her teen son, Just saying.

– Did you know that our president-elect been planning to become President of the U.S. for more than 20 years? No? Well, you should. It seems that becoming President of the United States is the ultimate prize. Something he has desired for a very long time. Well, be careful what you wish for. You never know how it will turn out. Yup, just saying. …

– And, now for our trivia question: What walks on four legs? What is better: walking on four legs or walking on two legs? Who is better? Those with money or those without money. Is it true that some people are better than others? That to keep the gene pool pure, one must marry within that gene pool?

Which government in our worldwide history tried proving that? Guess which country:







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History is doomed to repeat itself if you don’t remember the past.

True or  False?

Which country finally recognized children borne out of wedlock as biological  sons and daughters?

Which country imprisoned females if they’re found wearing trousers?

Just saying… .

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