Self Power

Have you ever really thought about how much POWER an individual has within themselves?

Think about it.

In our society, there are different kind of powers.

The power of words.

The power of suggestion.

The power of manipulation.

The power of kindness.

The power of motivation.

The power of goodness.

The list can go on for several pages, but that’s not the point.

I’ve often heard lately that the power of words is deadly. Why? Think about it. Take that case that’s now circulating in the news about the friend who is girl who spoke to her friend that was a boy that it was okay for him to commit suicide. And, if he didn’t have the guts to do it himself, she would come over and do it for him.

Whats wrong wth that? Yes, there’s the power of choice involved, but there’s something else afoot as Holmes would say. The boy was already depressed. He’d already had committed suicide before so she was just helping him along. Is that like personally motivating that boy to finish what he started doing?

Theres’ always a fine line between someone’s power and the person who believes that that person has the POWER to make them do something that they don’t want to do. Think about it. How about at work? Is there someone at your business that has the power to make you do something that you honestly and ethically don’t want to do?

I’ve seen the Nuremberg Trials movie several times. Do you know what the Nazis kept repeating? I didn’t hold the power to argue-to resist-to disobey, otherwise I would’ve been killed to. How did the judges answer that question?

Everyone has the power to choose, but what happens if that person doesn’t have the will, the discipline, or the personality to resist.

What happens if

What happens if the person or people in question don’t have the moral will to resist, does that make them zombies or unwilling partners in crime. Either way, someone gets hurt and that could possibly be you.

What happens if you don’t follow through? Then you’re there to give evidence to the court about the person who tried to do you in.

I find it increasingly hard sometimes to identify with some of the villians who plead that the power of words or the suggestion of choice be waived, that they couldn’t withstand whatever was suggested to them at the time.

Maybe, it’s because my sensible self always argues back with me before I do something really stupid.

I don’t know.

I do know that once a choice is completed, once a choice is made, there’s no going back.

That you have to live with the consequences of that act for the rest of the life–if you live–and that you’re family, friends, and relatives have to live with your consequences of their lives.

Think about it.

Dead is dead!

Until next time… .

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