The First Step

After reading several articles provided to me by Kate Walsh, our ‘Know Thyself’ hold-by-the-hand Coach, I realized that I took my first tiny step towards self awareness.

Shakespeare once advised one of his characters:

This above all:
To thine own self be true,
for it must follow as dost the night the day,
that canst not then be false to any man.

– Shakespeare (“Hamlet”) inspired by Socrates (“Know thyself”, quoting Pythia, the Oracle of Delphi).

Canst not then be false to any one

When I remember those lines, being false to man (everyone) is applied truly to yourself. You can’t be false to yourself. When you play, let’s pretend or ignore who you really are, the consequence I have found are catastrophic. From questioning your abilities to perform jobs to self-doubting your actions and accountabilities. I know this first hand.

What I see before me (internally) is a person interrupted like that movie I once saw on television. I believe it was the title of a picture that illustrated that when people’s lives are interrupted or stopped before completing what they want or what path they’re following, the results are never any good.

That’s what I am in the middle of now.

An interrupted person.

And, because I road-blocked myself into this mess, I’ve got to unravel where this particular blockage took place so that I can go back to that one spot and restart myself so that I can go in the right direction and continue on that path that I was meant to take in the first place.


How do individuals become blocked? From what I’ve read so far, it depends on what is going on inside of you. Whatever doubts, worries, concerns, anxiousness that gnaws at your internal soul will also keep you from finishing up what you started whether as a child, teen, 20 s0mething or 60 plus. Road blocks are something that everyone seems to place in their way so that they can’t finish what a higher authority (yeah, I’m one of those people) has endowed you with.

Until you can find out what’s blocking you from finishing your journey, then you’ll stay stuck forever in the tar patch. (along with the dinosaur skeletons).

How to get yourself unstuck and other get out of the way stone and wooden barriers will be discussed tomorrow or the next day or next week.

Didn’t I mention?

Procrastination is a huge road blockage unless you handled it correctly and know why it’s keeping you standing in one place while the sand seeps back into the ocean.

Until then,

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