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Mary Yamin-Garone

Mary Yamin-Garone

Monday & Saturday Afternoon at 1 p.m. Eastern

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1.08.17 The Best of 2016: The Truth About Alzheimer’s

12.12.16  Some More Gift-giving Tips

12.10.16  Gift-Giving Tips

12.05.16  More about Treatments on the Horizon.

12.03.16  Treatments on the Horizon

11.27.16  A Caregiver’s Changing Role

11.21.16  Living with Alzheimer’s

11.19.16  Getting Through the Holidays

11.06.16 More About Handling Sacrifice.

11.05.16 Handling Sacrifice

10.29.16 “Questions You Never Thought You’d Have to Ask.

10.25.16  Senior Living Options for Spouses with Different Needs.

10.22.16  Hallucinations, Delusions and Paranoia Related to Alzheimer’s

10.17.16  19 Beneficial Benefits for Alzheimer’s Patients

10.15.16  Medications & Treatment for Lewy Body Dementia

10.10.16  More About Lewy Body Dementia

10.08.16  Lewy Body Dementia


10.03.16  Treating Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Without Drugs or Supplements, Part II

10.01.16  Treating Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Without Drugs or Supplements