Mastering Social Awareness

Mastering Social Awareness

How do you Master Your Social Awareness relative to mastering your interpersonal skills? You’re probably thinking “Lady, give me a break! What a dumb question? Or is it?

How many people (hold up your hands) don’t know how to socially intermingle into a new group of people whether it’s at a network function or at some convention you’re attending? My hand is up there flying with the rest of you.

For me, going to a social convention and inter-mingling with people is quite painful. I’d rather babysit a crocodile than go up to every person, shake their hand and introduce myself. Or worse, going to a concert and stand in a corner by myself with my spouse rather than go up to a group of strangers and introduce ourselves. Yup, now that’s downright unreal. It isn’t going to happen.

When you need to master your social awareness, another person inside of you comes out and sometimes takes care of the situation. Other times, that inner person stays quiet and cowers in silence.

To become successful, one must put themselves in the paths of giants! I can hear you now. “That will be the day. When Hell freezes over!” Well, that day has come. You must learn how to become aware of your social connections and put them to good use whether to go into a room and shake each and every one’s hands or march up to a strange professor in a lecture room and introduce yourself to them as a new student.

Whatever, your social awareness asks of the individual, you must do it. It’s part of your skill set. Part of learning how to get along with your future and current peers in the office, out in the street, or down at the coffee bar.

Social awareness is more than just knowing what’s out there to make use of, but the ability to get out there and get seen and heard.

Next week, we’ll tackle the seen and heard part.

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