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Dan Riley is the Author of this Post. Dan is an Host and Intern at the Passionate World Radio Network.

Dan also at times will do Political Commentary but his Passion is Sports.

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Dan’s  Show today is on show  is on the new NFL Rules.

Don’t have time for the complaining about NFL rules against using the head of a player to tackle to just…stop.
The NFL has to get leading with the head when blocking or tackling out of the game. It’s survived the abolition of the Clothesline tackle and labor stoppages, so believe me, it can survive a few rule changes.

Maybe you should ask Ryan Shazier and Reggie Brown if the head of a player has to be taken out of tackling. They’d probably applaud the new rule. Probably laugh at its critics too.
There are certain injuries the game of football has to minimize to survive-that being head, neck and spinal cord injuries.
If critics of the new rule don’t like it, let them flip on NFL network to watch old games!

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