One More Offer?



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I’m sure you all have had similar experiences. You opt-in for Door #2 and you’re promised an email with all the details. Then, before you can breathe, another offer pops up into view with a promise of lesser or equal amounts of money that you just paid for the previous item, and you’re asked if you’re interested in Door #5.

After hearing all the juicy details, you are then given the choice do you or don’t you? Does your inner brain scold you for falling for this entrapment? Or does saner minds prevail and you smile at the way these people are emotionally juggling you to buy into their next and newest gimmick.

Many sales people refer to this as the ‘shiny object’ syndrome, but I know better. It’s a lot worse than that. These sales people prey upon your emotional and gut state. That is to say, they’re betting that you’ll accept their next offer so that by the time they’re done with you, that incredible small $1 payment has blossomed into $100 or more.

This morning I came upon a sales ruse set up to take your dollars if buyer wasn’t beware. It stared out simply enough, $3 for an incredible software system.

Okay, I bit and paid the $3. What’s $3 compared to all of the other monthly bills that I pay to run an internet talk radio station, Passionate World Radio Network.

After I paid came the next pitch. Sign up for $1. But wait, I needed to read the fine print. You know the kind. The small print you’re encouraged to read after a sales pitch on the TV that goes by incredibly fast that you read the first, third and last word?

Yeah, well, that $1 turned out to be $47 per month which equals hmm, approximately $500. (My math isn’t so good mentally.)

So, there you have it. Watch out for those incredible low fee offers my friend because the seller’s light at the end of the tunnel may be more expensive than the original $3 you just paid out.


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