Paradigm Shifts – Kate Walsh

Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. Romans 12:2



What is a Paradigm Shift? A Paradigm Shift is when when you awaken yourself to the knowledge that YOU can change your present circumstances.


The Paradigm Shifts begins when you realize what your Mind Sets are and you start the process of releasing them.


The workbook, Know Thyself was written to help facilitate Paradigm Shifts and make a difference in the world, by helping individuals remove Mind Sets, which have stifled them from fulfilling their dreams, wishes and goals.


I believe that the Paradigm Shifts happen in five stages before you manifest yourself into the new person you’ve always been emerges.


Those Stages are:

  • Your awakening – I like to say it is you peeking into a corner of your brain and you see a need for something different.
  • Your Awareness – that change is something you want and you believe it is possible and then start the process of recognizing and honoring your GIFTS.
  • Your Discovery of where you want change to happen and that you want to make a difference, for yourself and make a difference somewhere, somehow in the world.
  • Understanding– this is where grace, forgiveness and self love shows up, and you begin to see how great your life is and will be from this point forward. This is where visualizing begins to happen.
  • Growth – the place where you begin to Trust yourself, Believe in your potential and where the Truth of self, and your PURPOSE emerges. This is where you will courageously begin to bring forth your new life and you begin to believe and  live your best life possible.


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