A few months ago, much to the shock of several clients. I asked them to, “Stop standing on the edge of their potential?”  Success only comes when you give up your limiting beliefs. My clients come to me feeling stuck. After, listening to all their excuses and their stories of WHY they couldn’t be successful.  I challenged them to “Stop standing on the edge of their potential” and step into what they want. The goal is to start fulfilling their dreams, wishes and those long desired goals and create success in their lives. Where are the clients, today? They are. Happily, re-writing their stories and enjoying their best life possible.

This is a testament to what you can do when you have a paradigm shift in your life. This is what happens when you know your Canfield Archetypes. Knowing your truth will release old mind sets that have kept you from your best life possible

OK! What did I mean by “stop standing on the edge of your potentia”? I meant it was time for you to stop the life-long hoping and wishing your life would just change. The day-dreaming that your life would miraculously, some how be more…peaceful, fun, adventurous. Ending the belief that if you just kept hoping and a praying, it would all be better, some how.  Sadly, It is the wishing they had more…love, money, friends, time and joy in their life that keeps them stuck. Quite the dilemma. Can’t you just see them standing there in a Titanic moment, with the wind in their hair and a prayer on their lips, just a wishing and hoping someone will rescue them? The goal is to rescue yourself and change your life to fulfill your dreams, wishes and goals. Yes you can! I promise you – you can!

How! Do the Canfield Analytical Process

In over, Twenty years of Coaching hundreds of individuals, nearly every client I have ever worked with – it is always about the potential they know they have, and the stories that stand in the way of them achieving success. Let’s break this cycle and change these stories. These stories are robbing you of your joy, and they are what keeps you from accomplishing what you truly want in your life.

How would you like succes like this?

Kaye has changed my life. In just two months of working with her, I have realized my potential, and learned to let go of what was holding me back in life. I just got my dream job; something I never would have aimed for before. She has helped me aim beyond the stars! I am ready to leave my past behind me, and never settle for mediocrity again!
Jennifer Broderdorf, Murrieta, CA

Yes you can! Have your best life possible!

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