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2.2.18 Dan Riley’s PodCast: Bringing XFL back a fatal mistake for Vince McMahon
This is Dan Riley for Sportstalk on Passionate World Radio Network, the World in Your Hands..


According to, Vince McMahon, the head of WWE wrestling, is indeed bringing back the XFL in 2020.
We all know the weaknesses the original league had as far as its business model: a connection with pro wrestling that hurt its image, low quality of play, and terrible gimmicks.
Honestly, I have no clue how McMahon thinks this scenario will play out any differently 17 years later: the league will be stuck with the same old problems. McMahon doesn’t understand that, and he’s headed for his biggest fall yet.
No one, especially Jim McMahon, understands “try, try again” doesn’t apply to competing with the National Football League.
Mr. McMahon, save yourself the public embarrassment and give up on this harebrained idea now-there’s a reason it failed the first time!

1.18.18 Dan Riley Sports Talk Radio: Death of Keith Jackson


This is Daniel Riley for Sportstalk on PWRNetwork, the World in your hands. The passing of Keith Jackson is a massive loss to the Sportscasting industry that can’t be replaced. He called Bowl Games, Rivalry games, and even a few NFL games during his illustrious broadcasting career. When Jackson called a game, you knew that game was the most important that Saturday; that was the aura Jackson possessed. There’s no way to put into words what this man’s contributions’ to College Football really accomplished. Admit it: more than just a few games you really remember had Keith Jackson doing play by play. He made you feel like a participant. And the game felt like precisely that. The passing of Mr. Jackson is the end of an era of College Football that we will sorely miss…and took for granted. Thank you, Keith.

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Dan Riley Sports Commentary – January 7, 2016