Where Passion Meets Reality!

Where Passion Meets Reality!

What 2 do when you’re made all types of promises by the folks on the internet only to crush and burn down the line? Why is that so true?

Or as most ladies (and girls) know you get to kiss allot of toads and frogs before you find the right (need I say it) husband material?

In case you’re wondering, why is that?, let me clue you in. It’s built into our genes. I’m firmly convinced of that now.

Have you noticed these promises take on a certain path, a certain routine that’s hard to avoid? No matter how hard you try, you seem to hear the same thing repeatedly, but with different faces, manipulations, and sincerity?

I’ve finally concluded that no matter how good-hearted these people are, some don’t just cut the mustard. And, even though, you really, really want to believe in what they’re saying, you know deep down inside that not all of them could be right all at the same time.

I often wonder if there’s one central copywriter who thinks up all the neat-to things to write and then sells them to the first come first serve entrepreneur who crosses their threshold. It makes you wonder how much company you are keeping after you pay what these folk want for their products and services.

Be careful what you wish for. And please be careful before you lay out your hard-earned dollars to these folk. They all mean well, but the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

A word of caution: See if you can get testimonials from these people or reviews on how well or how badly their services and/or products really work before paying. I know it sounds like an intrusion, like you don’t quite believe them. But, I also know in the world of business, you can’t get an apartment without a reference. You can’t get a job without several references. You can’t walk into someone’s domicile unless they trust you are who you say you are.

I’m just cautioning….. .

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