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Talk Show Host(s) Benefits:

– 10 million listeners & growing.

– Heard in Over 100 countries.
A sampling of Countries: Maldives, Lebanon, Bangladesh, Barbados, Slovenia, Trinidad & Tobago, Sri Lanki, Ghana, Ukraine, Vietnam, Iran, Czech republic, Benin, Burko Faso, Dubai, Israel, Korea, Nigeria.

–  Primary Audience: University & College Students Worldwide, Boards of Education, Libraries, School Districts, Financial/Investment, Military/Police, and Government (Senate, Congress, Federal, State, City and local).

– Target Audience: Millennials, Baby Boomers, and students. Female 68%

Male 32% although it varies daily.

– Talk Host’s Web Page current 3 months streams shown, then as every new month added, old month is archived in cold storage.

– 4.5 million listeners to “on demand” programming. Archival streams played 24/7, approximately 300 to 400 times per month for 1 program. Same number of times for commercials heard.

– Social Media Exposure on the TOP 4: Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, & GooglePlus.

– Guest Blogging, PWRN has blogging audience of approximately 8,900 readers and commentators.

– Marketing and Promotion by Station.

– Live stream via Spreaker using SKYPE or Google Hangout.

– On Demand stream via Audio Acrobat or  Free Conference Calling.

– Video streams ( 2 to 3 minutes) via SKYPE, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram Live).

– 6 & 12 months contract.

– Hosting, Interview & Show Format Training is Available.

– Connections as individuals email or call in for host’s email or phone numbers.

– Affiliate Program



Audio  (60 Seconds) $ 75

Video (60 seconds)  $125

Rolls (Placement of Commercial reflects pricing.)

Pre-roll                      $18

Mid-roll                     $25

Intro’s                       $65

Outro’s                     $75


Webinars: Will be announced. Stay Tuned!

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