PODCASTS: 15 minutes or less, Live or Taped

  • Podcast  (1 per month)
    $ 75.00

    Podcast (1 per month + 1 interview)

    Podcasts (2 per month)                                                             $150.00
    With 1 interview $200.00

  • Podcasts ( 3 per month)                                                           $225.00
    With 1 interview ($275.00)

  • Podcasts (4 per month)                                                            $300.00
    With 1 interview ($350.00)

  • 4 Podcasts per month (Package)                                           $275.00
    With 1 interview ($325.00)

Audio Programs- Monthly (Taped or Live)

          30 minutes (1-show per week)                                     $225.00

          45 minutes (1-show per week)                                     $300.00

          60 minutes (1-show per week)                                     $400.00

Video Programs – Monthly

          5 minutes                                                                          $300.00

          Require  more than 5 minutes, Custom Fee


          Individual Webpage with jpeg, email, show title displaying current 3 months of programs. As new month begins, old month is dropped.

          Host’s programs posted on twitter, facebook, googleplus, linkedIn, and webpage.

          Additional Promotion and Marketing of Host and Show to the world-wide listening public.

          Affiliate Program. Refer an individual and receive % of 1st month’s payment to PWRN.

          Copy of Stream to post on OWN website and used for promotional practices.

Ghostwriting Blogs: 500 words with given content.

Additional Fees: Research, Interviewing, Social Media, Strategy, and Distribution.


  A.    $0.75 /word/500 words = $375.

  B.    One (1) Blog post per week, Minimum of 4 posts for one (1) month = $500 (Minimum 2 months)

  C.  Consulting on Social Media: $100/hour.

  D.  Consulting on Distribution, Research, Interviewing, Posting: $100/hour.

“Down 2 Earth” Products & Services:

Build a Blog

Spiritual Coaching

Free-lance Writing

Nothing succeeds like success.

Start succeeding by hiring Lillian S. Cauldwell to coach you on becoming a great host and an even better interviewer. Eleven plus years of operating an internet talk radio station, and hosting her own interview show, Ms. Lillian Cauldwell has been invited to the International Miami Book Festival, in Miami, FL for the past four years. Her internet radio station was the first internet station to be invited. In addition, Steve Harrison of The National Publicity Summit has invited Lillian Cauldwell to give one minute advice to their authors to become successful on radio, tv, and internet radio.
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Eight week courses on: $1,000

          Becoming a Talk Show Host on Internet Radio

          Becoming a Podcast Host on the Internet

          The Art of the Interview