This is an off-the-horizon type post. It’s Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey Day to One & All.

For those who live in the technical-digital world, I salute you. Something as simple as the Administrator (that’s me) can’t figure out how to answer people who ask some very good questions.

So, to end all my follower’s and future follower’s agony, I’m going to reply in this new post the best that I can do.

Yes, you can share this blog with your group. Just ASK first. It’s called common courtesy. And, mostly people do that. Unfortunately, my grandkids don’t. They take everything for granted and follow the tradition of what’s yours is mine. Yeah, it makes you think once or twice about that.

Two, if you can’t figure out how to subscribe, again, please ask. I’ve got one or two cards left up my sleeve, behind my ear, or somewhere in a list of contact names, I’m sure someone will respond to my please.

Three, if my SEO isn’t what it’s suppose to be, well, sending me off to look at SEO stuff ain’t gonna work. Why? Because that stuff bores me to tears. I’m a very honest person. You wanted to know why I stink at this? Well, after 10 years of Try Try Try Again, I’m Giving, Giving, Giving Up. You got another brilliant idea of what needs to be done, then do it and let me copy and paste.

Better for me. Better for you.

Three, Please don’t post in Chinese, off-color topics, or other types of information content that won’t benefit my followers and future followers. Yes, I had the  Chinese translated. It still make any sense to me besides taking up valuable space for other people who really wanted to say something or ask really important questions. So, go chalk up someone else’s blog area with your comments that have nothing to do with what MY blog is trying to say.

There it is for now. I’m brutally honest. (My kid hated that cuz I went and trained him to be brutally honest, too. And, while he hated it as a child, he now actually THANKS me for doing that to him.

Go figure!

Enjoy Black Friday – of course, it’s more fun on the internet. But, that’s for me. Personally I don’t close body contact unless it’s from my spouse, grand-kids, or cats!

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