Ever watch the tv show, Snapped?

I finally understand how older spouses can turn on a dime and kill their loving spouse. Never thought I’d say that, but ‘it is what it is.’

The other day I needed a piece of work edited for me. Naturally, I asked my spouse to edit it for me. I showed him the wordpress file, showed him how to edit (or so I thought) and left him to it.

Exactly two minutes passed and he came upstairs to come and get me. He needed me to show him how to edit the grammar and spelling. “It crosses stuff out,” he complained and “when I re-insert the correct spelling or grammar, it highlights the additions in yellow.”

I explained to him a second time how to edit on the document and then left him to his devises.

Let’s see, we went through this particular exercise four more times. Up and down the stairs. My weak right knee was beginning to protest too much. Anyway, on the 5th or 6th time up and then down those bloody stairs, I snapped.

Laughing, I told him how I now understood why people snapped and then wiped out the person who frustrated them. We both calmed down and waited several seconds.

Happy Ending

Lucky for my spouse I really do love him and couldn’t conceive of throwing knives at him or sticking him with an ice pick. With my new found appreciation for the word frustration and one more time theory blasting inside my head, I recognized that lesser folk than I have to grasped the bait and killed their spouse.

I recognized and empathized with their inner and outer torment. Kill him or her before they drive you crazy.

I understand, but didn’t take that extra step.

After all, I’ve probably have driven my spouse that extra step, that ‘snapped’ moment when he wanted to do me in as well, but hadn’t.

So, the next time you watch that show, “Snapped” just grin and bear it and know that secretly you could’ve been a statistic, too.

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