Spiritual Lies

Everyone lies.

That’s what said. In everyone’s lives whether it be ‘little’ white lies, deception lies, get off my back lies, or just lying for no reason except we use it as a reason.

Are Spiritual Lies any worse?

People lie for a variety of reasons. Some people have made lying an art form. They’ve gotten so good at it, that they can lie without thinking through the consequences of that particular lie or they lie smoothly because they already know how to twist or dodge the truth.

People hide behind their lies for protection. They feel it’s justified for them to lie because they’re protecting someone or themselves from the eventual truth.

Difference in Spiritual Lying?

Is there a difference in spiritual lying? Does spiritually lying excuse that person from using a lie for random acts or personal acts of responsibility? Are we morally at risk when we start lying to ourselves and justifying it to us in a spiritual sense?

There was no way out. I had to take that route.

I didn’t see the point of admitting the truth when it would hurt other people.

When I lie to protect or to keep safe, I know it helps in the long run.

When you lie to yourself spiritually you’re actually taking a piece out of yourself each and every time. There’s no way you can lie to yourself and actually believe it’s going to make a difference…it’s going to protect the one(s) you love…it’s going to prevent something worse from happening.

It has already happened.

You have opened a hole within yourself spiritually.

It’s difficult to plug it back up once removed.

You might say your spiritual insides are leaking out into the universe.

Once you start lying to yourself spiritually, there’s no stopping it. It has become a part of you, a way to deal with the realities that you don’t want to face squarely so you disguise them in such a way to make it more comfortable for you to handle.

Spiritual lying can become a prop or an addiction.

It’s easy, convenient, and there’s so many ways you can avoid the truth within and without yourself.

Which will you choose?

Spiritual Lying?


Physical Lying?

Until next time… .

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