Life Among the Mango Roots

Do you live your life among the mango roots readying yourself for the time when you’re big enough, old enough, and matured enough to go out into the big wide world and succeed?

I think that many of us don’t realize how much we need to be ‘spiritually centered’ before venturing out into the bigger world; the bigger picture.

When teens reach a certain age, they believe they know everything. That there isn’t anything their parents or adults can tell them that they don’t know already. It’s a given. Although they have to do is venture out into the ‘big chill’ and succeed on their own terms.

It’s a beautiful thing, however, not always is there a successful outcome after these teens venture out of the mango grove. Many don’t recognize or realize that life is a building exercise. Each foundation must be laid down specifically otherwise, the wall might topple, the ceiling may fall, and the whole structure collapses onto itself. What’s called implosion.

A similar structure must be built spiritually as well. One can’t make the assertion that ‘if I build it, they will come.’ The problem is if it isn’t built to spec, not built the right way that first time, anything can happen.

My dad was a chemical engineer. One of the projects he was constantly on was building bridges for clients. I remember him telling me that many of the younger engineers he worked with were quite sloppy in getting the proficient measurements for structure of the bridge. He told me just being off a .00005 could have the entire structure crumple and topple to the ground.

When calculators came into use, my dad prayed that the machine would accurately help these young engineers and get the precise measurements needed to build that bridge.

Guess what?! Those young professionals still got the wrong answers. “Garbage in. Garbage out.” One bridge was built to the errors produced by those engineers. My dad luckily wasn’t the project engineer, so he didn’t get fired.

Spiritually building is the same way. You must be accurate in your precise measurements of building your platform so when it’s all put together, it doesn’t sway or collapse from the materials put into it.

You don’t want a spiritual catastrophe to take place when all you really want is peace, quite, and calm in your life.

If you want to leave the mango roots behind, go right ahead. No one is stopping you. Make sure, though, that you’re ready to go. You don’t go because your best friend is leaving or sweetness itself lures you to the outside world.

It’s best to leave the mango roots when you’re readied to go and become successful on your own merits, not the merits of your peer group.

Until next time… .

About Lillian Cauldwell

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