Spiritual Half Truths

Are you guilty of using spiritual half-truths in your life?

Do you use them daily? weekly? monthly?

Or do you lie to yourself and tell yourself, “It’s a protective measure — for myself — for my children — for my relatives — for my spouse.

Actually the list is endless.

When you use or invoke spiritual half-truths, people are not getting the whole story. They are getting certain parts of the story. The parts that you want them to hear, to believe in, or to act upon.

Spiritual half-truths are a convenience because it allows you to tell some of the truth, but not all of it.

Think of it as creating a myth or legend. Certain truths are used to describe a situation or topic, but not all of it is the truth. You have successfully blended the truth into myths or falsified facts that color your story or topic, but doesn’t clarify it.

Don’t we want the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Think about it.

If we all depended on hearing half the truth throughout our life times, what would we end up believing is true and what is false.

If our spirituality depended on hearing the truth about ourselves from ourselves or other people (if you’re brave enough), then you’re about to grow outside of that protective skin covering you manufactured over the years to protect you from hurt, emotional or physical.

We all do ourselves a favor when we see the truth through rose-tinted glasses because we see how we see ourselves, but not truly. We see ourselves through a filter and magnification process that allows us to bask in our own glow. A glow of our own making because there are no faults, no errors, no mistakes, nothing to slight or tarnish our perfect image of ourselves.

However, we are not perfect. We need to see the imperfections. To visualize what we’re not forcing ourselves to accept, take responsibility for, and then act upon what we received and done.

It’s difficult for us to accept truths as face value. Spiritually, we want to hide ourselves from the ugly, the unimaginable, and the distorted. We don’t want to associate with other people who may carry these deeply implanted faults. We like to associate with and surround ourselves with people like us who can accept the half-truths on our own turf.

In other words, we want to incorporate these spiritual half-truths because they make us feel better, healthier, and able to go on with our lives without really hurting anyone else.

Should we know better?

Our civilization has been around a long time. Within this time frame, we have graduated from many spiritual lessons that have taught us certain truths. When we strayed from this truth, then we are inviting into our lives a certain reluctance to face the truth about ourselves and our fellow countryman.

When we face up to ourselves, then we can demand this same type of behavior from our fellow-man.

Remember that what comes around goes around.

Spiritual Half truths take the same route. What comes around goes around. And, do you really want your children to accept half the truth when the whole truth exists and can turn their lives around?

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