Where Passion Meets Reality!

Where Passion Meets Reality!

The Number 1 Question Future Talk Show Hosts Should Ask is what are the benefits of your station? Now, I know that other professionals in the internet talk show genre might disagree. However, if the future host doesn’t know what to expect from their new station, then how can you possibly ask the other 20 to 30 relevant questions that follow.

Future Talk Show Host

When I got involved with my first internet radio station, the powers-to-be gave me a very precise blueprint of how stuff worked at their particular station. The name of that station was AF. They pointed out to me the physical benefits of what their station could do for me.

a.  Audience:  Build audience with promotion and marketing.

b.  Length of program: podcast (15 minutes or less), 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes

c.  Pay to Play: Amount paid to host the show on that station

d.  Webpage: Posting shows, jpeg of host, contact information, synopsis of program

e.  Demographics: target audience, who listens, genre, age, female versus male,

f.  Individual email account

g)  Training in audio

h)  Training in video

i)  Contract: 3, 6, or 12 months

j)  Rules of the Station

k)  Sponsors: Help is finding sponsors

l)  Affiliate Opportunities

PWRNetwork Provides

These are some of the answers that PWRNetwork would give to a prospective talk show host:

a)  Training: format of show, what to say, how to say it, on-the-job training.

b)  Demographics:  College and University students worldwide, Financial and Investment, Military and Police, Libraries, School Districts, Boards of Education, Government (Federal, State, and City).

Age: 18 5o 24; 25 – 35; and 65 +

Males 53.8% Female 42%

Industries: Sports (teams), Travel, Sports (individual), Eating/Restaurants.

c)  Time spent on website: 35% for 1 hour or more.

d)  Hosts who refer future hosts to the station receive a 15% commission off their first three months of payment.

Hosts who secure sponsors (for ads) receive a 10% commission.

Hosts who secure business size card ads for website receive a 10% commission.

e)  Individual email accounts to keep separate from their personal accounts.

f)  Connect talk show hosts with possible clients who want to be interviewed in the topic area of host’s program and networking with individuals involved in that industry.

g)  Webinars and teleseminars of interest to the host.

h)  Opportunities for additional recognition is also provided to the host.

Basic Understanding

This gives future talk show hosts a basic understanding of what they can expect when selecting an internet talk radio station to do their program in. Not all individuals want to join a station. Some prefer to go it alone and set up their own audio or video program with the tools already provided via the internet.

However, being involved with an established internet talk radio station isn’t a bad idea. One of PWRN’s hosts was approached by a big name television station that wanted to hire them to become part of their regular broadcasting station. A great compliment for that talk show host.

Another host was awarded a token from a State Government in recognition of her work as an advocate for the medical profession.

A third host got four laws passed in Illinois to help the veterans.

Opportunities are always available should the host wish to extend their reach and become involved with their neighborhood community or a world-wide community.

One host received an all-paid trip to participate in a walk-a-thon in another state. The company who sent her to join the walk-a-thon recognized a genuine interested human being who wanted to make a difference. Based on that perspective, the host went down, networked with many of the active participants and came back with additional ideas for her show.

Doing a show with a station has its merits.

Knowing how to do a show.

Preparing for that show.

Practicing for that show will make all the difference.

And, as Ben Franklin said many times: “There’s many a slip between cup and lip!”

Next time, additional questions and answers that the future talk show host should know before signing or talking on the dotted line.

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