The Love of My Life!

I’ve got bad news for you — all you lovers, spouses, and intimate friends. The love of your significant other is M-O-N-E-Y.

Never thought you heard that out loud, Money is your number one competition in your love life.

Money, can you imagine that?

I can. I have seen money put before relationships, survival, and love on a number of levels that makes me think twice of whether I want to get involved in another romantic tryst.

Think about it. Love versus Money.

And, which one loses most of the time.

You guessed it. And it ain’t money. Nope, love can’t stand up against money. I’m not sure what little grey cell harbors that type of resistance, but it’s in there. Money seems to be allot better to some people than love is.

Love is what people get married for.

Love is what people seek from a significant other.

So, why is it that most murders — most homicides deal with loved ones shooting their spouse or loved ones for life insurance, medical insurance or some other kind of advantageous money offer over love.

It’s enough to make a grown person cry.

Whether for love or money, aha! Now, I know what they really mean. If a person has to choose between love or money, money is going to win hands down. And, that’s what is wrong with our society. Placing money, gold, silver, or even jewelry over our love that we have for each other.

In fact when I reread the Bible from time to time, nowhere does it have something nice to say about money except that it’s the root of all evil.

And I believe it. So friends, beware when your lover or spouse removes money from their wallet. Their love affair is just beginning while yours, alas, is ending if not today, then definitely by tomorrow.

About Lillian Cauldwell

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